Broadband Infraco Bill & South African Express Airways Bill: deliberations

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Public Enterprises

12 September 2007
Chairperson: South African Express Bill [B14-2007]
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


12 September 2007

Chairperson: Mr Y Carrim (ANC)

Documents handed out
Broadband Infraco Bill Consultative Draft
Broadband Infraco Bill Amendments
South African Express Airways Bill Consultative Draft
South African Express Airways Bill proposed Amendments

Broadband Infraco Bill [B26-2007]
South African Express Bill [B14-2007]

Audio recording of meeting

Introductory remarks by Chairpersons

The Chairperson stated that the Committee had finished both Bills and that there was nothing further to be done. It should be noted that both Bills have been removed from the debate in the House on 20 September, as more time was needed by the executive to deal with the issue of scheduling.  The Committee has therefore decided to give the executive a few extra weeks to deliberate and finalise the matter. The last date for adoption in the House would be around 25 October

South African Express Airways Bill
Clause by Clause Deliberations

The Chairperson stated that the issue of scheduling remained primarily an issue for the Executive. The Committee noted the financial success of SAX and hoped it would be able to sustain itself. It should also be noted that in any future transfer of shares, the objects of SAX would have to be taken into account.

Clause 4: Effect of Conversion of SAX
Members decided to accept the clause, as amended

Broadband Infraco Bill
The Chairperson stated that while the Committee appreciated the fact the Bill had to undergo an intricate process of negotiating between the Executive and key stakeholders, as Executive was also obliged to consult with stakeholders and take their representations seriously. The stakeholders were also obliged to bring the same issues raised with the Executive to Parliament. If the Department of Public Enterprises (the Department) had applied its mind more strenuously to the representations made, the Committee could have saved a lot of time. The Committee was also pleading with the Executive to promote more inter-departmental co-ordination. This was due to the fact that the issue of licensing took up most of the Committee’s deliberation time, and could have been resolved prior to the public hearings.  

The Committee also noted that there was a commercial agreement between Neotel and the government. However the Committee was not a court of law and it thus urged the Department, the Executive and Neotel to come to an amicable agreement with regard to that arrangement.

The Committee also noted Sentech’s concerns; however those issues should been raised with the Portfolio Committee on Communications. With regard to the issue of scheduling, the matter was not in the hands of the Committee.

Clause by Clause Deliberations
Clause 4:  Main objects and powers of Infraco

Members decided to accept the clause as amended

Clause 6: Servitudes
Members decided to accept the clause as amended

The meeting was adjourned.



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