Joyce Gongxeka’s Petition & Britain Study Tour Report: discussion

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


11 September 2007

Mr F Adams (ANC, Western Cape)

Documents handed out:
Memorandum from Mr J H Mahlangu, MP dated 10 September 2007
The International Study Tour: British Parliament 26 February – 04 March 2007
Committee Minutes : 6 January 2007

Audio recording of meeting

The Chairperson announced that he had now received a response from the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, giving permission to the Committee to refer Ms Joyce Gongxeka's petition to the Executive in terms of Section 235(1) of the Rules of the NCOP. A request had been made by the Chairperson of the NCOP to know of the deliberations and the Minutes had been sent to him. It was agreed that the committee would write to the Department of Defence to obtain information as to what transpired in this matter, and on receipt of the response the petition would be considered further.

The Committee discussed the preliminary report on the Study Tour to the British Parliament, and noted that all Members should be asked to submit their findings and recommendations by 5 October, when the report would be finalised and adopted. The Minutes of the meeting of 6 June could not be seconded, in the absence of Mr Watson. 

The Chairperson welcomed and introduced the new Researcher, Ms N Nqaba.

Petition of Ms J Gongxeka
Mr Adams referred to the memorandum from Mr Mahlangu, and explained that in terms of Section 235(1) of the Rules of the National Council of Provinces it was necessary for the Committee to get permission from the Chairperson of the Council to approach the Executive regarding special petitions.

The Chair had written to Mr Mahlangu’s office on 8 June 2007. After numerous requests and enquiries the Chairperson had heard yesterday that the letter had been lost in Mr Mahlangu’s office, and he had expressed his displeasure that this could happen. The reply indicated that permission was granted to the Committee to refer the matter to the Executive in terms of Section 235(1) of the NCOP Rules, but that Mr Mahlangu wished to know what deliberations took place in the Committee, besides the decision to refer. The Chairperson had decided to send the Minutes, because the Committee would need to hear both sides of the story and get the Department’s response regarding the petition, as well as legal advice.

It was agreed that the Committee would engage with the Department of Defence by writing to them so that they could answer as to what happened. Once their response was received the Committee could then decide what action to take regarding Ms Gongxeka’s petition.

International Study tour: British Parliament 26 February – 04 March 2007
The Chairperson stated that the report needed to be in the ATC and to be accepted by the House and approved by the House of the National Council of Provinces. The report had been circulated. 

Mr T Manyosi (ANC, Eastern Cape) thanked the Committee Secretary for compiling the report and sending it to members in time. He was satisfied with the report but asked why there were no recommendations.

Ms Z Mahapa, Committee Secretary,  explained that she had compiled the report but recommendations had to come from the members of the delegation.

Mr Manyosi said he had made recommendations and asked Ms Mahapa to refer back to the draft.

Rev L Moseki (ANC, North West) suggested that those members who had not already done so should try to formulate recommendations before the end of the meeting. The Committee secretariat should then coordinate them and organise another thirty minutes to finalise the report.

The Chairperson said there would not be time to convene another meeting before the constituency period. He proposed meeting in the first or second week after the constituency period to discuss and finalise the report.

Rev Moseki suggested as a matter of procedure that the report should include the findings of the delegation, and then go on to list the recommendations.

Mr Adams asked the Committee Secretary to write to Mr Watson, asking him for his findings on the report and his recommendations by 5th October, so that the Committee could at that meeting deliberate and finalise the report.

Mr Adams thanked Ms Mahapa for compiling the report.

Minutes of Meeting 6 June 2007
Mr Manyosi reminded the meeting that as Mr Watson was not present the minutes could be adopted, but not seconded. He would therefore write to the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces to say what had transpired in the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


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