Committee Report on First Quarter Expenditure: discussion

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


24 August 2007

Ms L Mabe (ANC) [NA[
                               Mr B Mkhaliphi (ANC, Mpumalanga)

Documents handed out:
Draft Committee Expenditure Report - First Quarter 2007/2008 - 21 Aug 2007
List of Departments identified and contacted
Collection of written responses from Departments: Part1 & Part 2

Audio recording of meeting

The Committee considered responses received from various government departments regarding their expenditure in the First Quarter, but was generally dissatisfied with the quality of the responses received. It was decided that, at the Committee’s next meeting, four departments would be chosen to appear before the Committee regarding their expenditure. The Committee adopted its minutes of previous meetings .

First Quarter Expenditure Report
Ms Mabe tabled the document listing the government departments that were identified and contacted concerning the First Quarter Expenditure Report.

Responses were outstanding from the Departments of Home Affairs, Sports and Recreation, Public Enterprises and Water Affairs and Forestry. The Departments of Science and Technology, Correctional Services and Provincial and Local Government had been given until midday to submit their responses.

The Committee proceeded to consider the received written responses received from the Departments of Housing, Education, Safety and Security and Transport. In general the responses were judged to be incomplete and unhelpful, and the departments needed to be contacted again. Discussion ensued as to how to facilitate this process.

Mr T Ralane (ANC, Free State and Finance Select Committee Chairperson) suggested that the departments appear in person to answer the remaining queries.

Ms J Fubbs (ANC) informed the Committee that time was not on their side, and there were too many Departments to talk to in person.

After further discussion it was concluded that, due to the number of responses still outstanding and the insufficiency of those received, at the Committee’s next meeting four departments will be chosen for special attention concerning their expenditure. They will be asked to appear in person before the Committee during the next quarter.

Adoption of minutes
The Committee adopted its minutes of meetings held on 23 May, 5, 6 and 12 June, without amendments. The Committee minutes for the 20 June meeting were still outstanding and the Committee Secretary, Mr P Hahndiek, was requested to have them available at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


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