Committee Reports on Gauteng Oversight: adoption; Department’s Strategic Plan and Budget Vote: discussion

Water and Sanitation

06 June 2007
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

6 June 2007

Acting Chairperson: Ms T Lishiva (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Gauteng Oversight Visit Report Recommendations [available at Tabled Committee Reports once adopted]

Audio Recording of the Meeting

The Committee adopted its Report on its oversight visit to Gauteng, with recommendations and amendments. The Committee considered its Report on the Budget and Strategic Plan of the Deparment, but postponed adoption to a later date.

Gauteng Oversight Visit Report
The Acting Chairperson stated that there were added recommendations that had to be scrutinised by the Committee.

The first recommendation applauded the efforts made by Harmony municipality to improve water quality. Furthemore, the Department should engage the entire mining community to ensure their participation in water quality improvement, as mandated by the National Water Act.

The second recommendation noted the Committee’s request that the Department provide a report detailing the steps taken to enforce the obligations involved in acquiring a water license. 

Ms J Semple (DA) stressed that the current wording did not accurately describe what actually happened, and proposed that stronger language be used.

The Acting Chairperson noted that there were no objections of changes to the next four recommendations.

Mr J Arendse (ANC) suggested that word “investment” in the sixth recommendation be changed to “refurbishment”.

Ms Semple wanted the Committee to consider the recommendation that the Department should check the feasibility of installation throughout the country, as that system would be inexpensive and accessible.

Mr Arendse supported the recommendation.

Mr Arendse proposed that the report be adopted with the additional recommendations, and the changes effected thereto.

Mr B Mosala (ANC) seconded this motion.

The Acting Chairperson noted that the Committee adopted the Report, as amended.

Committee Report on Department Budget and Strategic Plan
The Acting Chairperson noted that none of the Members had any recommendations to add to the Report, and suggested that the Members do so by Friday, 8 June 2007.

Ms Semple noted that it appeared that the majority of provincial departments currently experienced a shortfall in funds, and proposed that the Committee investigate possible emergency funding.
The Committee agreed to continue its investigations into the inability and problems precluding the full rolling out of the water borne system within the country, as Members reported that many communities were still using the bucket system. Of particular interest was the severity of the problem within a municipality in Mpumalanga.

The Acting Chairperson ruled that the eradication of the bucket system would be discussed further at a later date, and adjourned the meeting.



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