Committee Reports on Youth & Unemployment, International Labour Organisation Conference & Department Annual Report

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Employment and Labour

27 February 2007
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

27 February 2007

Chairperson: Ms O Kasienyane (ANC)

Documents handed out
Committee Report on International Labour Conference: 20 February 2007
Summary of key issues from public hearings on youth and unemployment

Audio Recording of the Meeting

The Committee adopted its reports the hearings held on youth unemployment and the International Labour Organisation Conference. It also adopted its minutes of previous meeting, with minor technical and grammatical amendments.

Committee Report on International Labour Conference
Mr M Mzondeki (ANC) remarked that the Committee’s budget should be increased so that more Members could attend the Conference.

The Chairperson responded that the matter would be examined.

The Committee went through the report and adopted it, with amendments.

Mr B M Mkongi (ANC) noted that the Select Committee of Labour and Public Enterprise would be meeting later that morning and it would be wise if members could attend.

The Chairperson responded that in the future there should be joint meetings between the committees. The Select Committee Chairperson should contact the Portfolio Committee in advance to schedule such meetings. Topics covered in the Select Committee meeting later today may be brief by the department at a later time.

The Chairperson added that a request came from the office of Mr G Doidge, Chairperson of Committees, to prioritise the issue of the amendments of the constitution of International Labour Organizations, which currently is scheduled for the 27th of March.

Mr M Mzondeki  (ANC) stated that a briefing or some sort of information must be presented on the implications of the amendments, as not all members are familiar with this issue.

The members agreed that the committee could look into prioritising this issue.

Committee Report on public hearings on youth and unemployment
After effecting certain minor grammatical and technical revisions to the resolutions, the Committee adopted the report.

The Chairperson noted that there would have a two day strategic plan workshop prior the second session were they may discuss the issue of public hearings and the problem with getting the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETAs) to appear regularly before the Committee.

Adoption of minutes
The Committee adopted its minutes of meetings held on 5 September 2006, 17 October 2006, 31 January 2007 and 13 February 2007, with minor technical amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.



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