Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill [B20-2006]: Department’s response to submissions

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Mineral Resources and Energy

13 October 2006
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

13 October 2006

: Mr E Mthethwa (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill [B20-2006]
Summary of submissions

The Chairman opened the meeting and stated that the process of submissions to the Committee was too complex to attend to too quickly. It was decided that as more submissions were being discussed to be presented before the Committee that the process would need to be re-adjusted.
Secondly he noted that, because the Bill also had for reaching consequences concerning the Constitution, it would be helpful not to rush the process. It was decided that the process could not be finalized within the coming week.

The Chair welcomed all the Members and stated that the input received from stakeholders had far reaching implications. The direct consequence was that the process that had initially been planned for could no longer be followed. There were more role players that needed to take part in the process and there were more submissions to be put forward.

He stated that an in depth response to all the submissions was necessary in order to properly address the fundamental issues that were raised. The Bill therefore could not be deliberated on on 16 October as previously decided, as there were legal issues that need to be looked into.

A rare situation had arisen whereby the Bill has impact on the Constitution, and the necessary precautions needed to be taken as the process moved forward. It would only be proper and fitting to give a voice to those other role players who wanted to make an input, and they must thus be granted that opportunity.

The Department would have to comment on all the submissions and possible amendments, including the latest editions.

The Chair stated that the Bill was a serious matter and rushing the proceedings was not necessarily helping the process along. The process could therefore not be finalized the following week. He further stated that the Committee consider further the process to be followed.

The meeting was adjourned.



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