Carriage by Air Amendment Bill: adoption by Committee, adoption of Committee Minutes

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13 September 2006
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


13 September 2006


Mr J Cronin (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Carriage by Air Amendment Bill [B18-2006]
Draft Committee Programme Fourth Term 2006

The Committee adopted the final amendments to the Carriage by Air Amendment Bill and decided that the Bill need not be debated in the National Assembly.

Other Committee business dealt with included adoption of the Minutes for 01 August to 06 September, discussion on the Fourth Term programme and a brief discussion of issues to be discussed during the People’s Parliament in Oudtshoorn.

The Chairperson tabled the suggested final form of the Carriage by Air Amendment Bill. He reminded Members that the amendments contained in the Bill would ensure that the legislation fell in line with the Montreal Convention of 1999, to which South Africa was a signatory.

The Chairperson suggested that there was no need to debate the Bill in the National Assembly. He suggested that the matter be referred to the respective party whips and that a brief statement should merely be made in the House to the effect that the Committee had agreed unanimously.

The Chairperson passed a motion of desirability and the Committee adopted the Bill.

Committee business: Minutes
The Committee adopted the minutes of the meetings of 01 August to 06 September 2006, with amendments.

The Chairperson suggested that the word “resolved’ should be reserved for final resolutions, and that reference to provisional resolutions should rather be made with the word “recommendation”.  The Chairperson said that misunderstandings regarding the procedures followed by the Committee had to be avoided.

Progress on recommendations
The Committee resolved to write a letter to the Department of Transport and the State Law Advisors to enquire about the progress made on previous recommendations made by the Committee.

Draft Committee Programme for the Fourth Term 2006
The Chairperson said that more activities would be added to the Draft Programme. The principle focus of the Committee’s oversight visit to Gauteng would be the progress made in the development of the Gautrain. He proposed that members could also meet with officials of the Johannesburg Metro to familiarise themselves with the newly developed plans for the integration and improvement of the bus transport service

The Chairperson suggested that the Committee, in reviewing different reports, should pay particular attention to those reports relating to safety and public transport, so that any questions could be formulated and the relevant entities asked to clarify them. 

Mr S Farrow (DA) proposed that members pay attention to the issue of freight as well as the process of road to rail.

The Chairperson said that the issues relating to freight would have to be the focus of the Committee’s work in the following year. The Committee would have to establish a working relationship with the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises to probe issues relating to the transport policy and the institutional structures of parastatals such as Transnet and Spoornet. These enterprises would also be invited to brief the Committee.

The People’s Parliament
It was noted that most members would be attending the People’s Parliament in Oudtshoorn the following weekend. The Chairperson informed the Committee that he would not be able to attend the proceedings, but would inform the Chair of the Chairperson’s Committee that members attending would ensure that critical transport issues were highlighted during the discussions. Members had to seek clarity regarding the extent to which the integrated transport plans of the district municipality in Oudtshoorn adhered to the National Transport Transition Act. Key challenges and experiences should also be identified.

The meeting was adjourned.


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