Oversight Visit to Western Cape: consideration & adoption of Report; 4th Term Programme Adoption; Minutes 22 August: adoption

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

Select Committee on Social Services

05 September 2006

Ms J M Masilo (ANC, North West)

Documents handed out:
Oversight visit to the Western Cape Province (31 July to 04 August 2006): Select Committee on Social Services’ Draft Report
Minutes of Proceedings Tuesday 22 August 2006
Draft Fourth Term Programme 2006

The Committee considered the draft report on the Oversight Visit to the Western Cape Province, which had taken place from 31 July to 4 August. Concern was expressed that some of the figures in the report might not be correct. Members expressed concerns that the proposals submitted by the Committee would not be implemented or considered by the Executive. It was pointed out that members could only lobby the executive or place the matter on the Order Paper for questions. The report was not adopted.

The Committee attended to general business. It tabled a letter of apology and noted that a meeting with the Department of Social Development would be arranged. The minutes of 22 August were approved. It was agreed that the Fourth Term Programme would be approved at a later meeting. It was noted that members of both the ANC and the IFP would attend the People’s Parliament in Oudtshoorn and would participate in discussions on education and social services. 

General Business
The Chairperson tabled  the letter of apology sent by the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Social Development.

Members agreed that a meeting should be scheduled with this Department at a later stage.

Draft report on the oversight visit of the Select Committee on Social Services to the Western Cape (31 July to 04 August)
Mr M Sulliman (ANC,Northern Cape) proposed that the committee should focus on the content of the report and not its format.

Ms H Lamoela (DA,Western Cape) and Mr M Thetjeng (DA,Limpopo Province) suggested that the committee researcher should investigate how many people living in the Western Cape had medical aid coverage, as they believed that the 72 % stated in the report was questionable.

Mr Thetjeng proposed that the committee adopt the report with the intention to add whatever changes were necessary.

The Chairperson responded that this would not be the correct procedure. Members had to decide whether the report was to be debated by the National Council of Provinces or whether the Committee would issue a statement.

Ms N Madladla-Magubane (ANC, Gauteng), Ms A Qikani (UDM,Eastern Cape) and Mr J Thlagale (UCDP,North West) supported the release of a statement.

Ms H Lamoela (DA,Western Cape) and Mr T Thetjeng (DA,,Limpopo) preferred the report to be debated by the NCOP.

Ms F Mazibuko (ANC, Gauteng) asked whether the Minister would act upon the recommendations of the Committee. She expressed her concern that the proposals submitted by the Committee would not be implemented or considered.

Ms Lamoela expressed similar concerns.

Mr Sulliman answered that members could lobby the executive, but could not compel a Minister to accept recommendations made. This report could also be placed on the Order Paper.  The Minister could then answer the questions and concerns raised by members.
Ms Mazibuko said that Members had a duty to keep the executive accountable.

The report was not adopted.

Minutes of proceedings of Tuesday 22 August 2006
The Committee adopted the minutes, with no amendments.

Draft Fourth Term Programme
The Chairperson explained that the Committee could not finalise its schedule for the fourth term as the parliamentary schedule had not yet been finalised. The schedule should include a meeting with the Department of Health on those bills referred back to Parliament by the Constitutional Court.

Mr Sulliman proposed that the drafting of a committee programme be delegated to its management, and that the programme could then be considered and adopted at the next meeting.

This proposal was accepted.

People’s Parliament
Mr B Tolo (ANC, Mpumalanga) informed the Committee that he, together with Ms Mdlala – Magubane, Ms Masilo and Mr Sulliman, would represent the ANC at the proceedings of the People’s Parliament in Outdshoorn the following week. They would participate in the discussions on education and social services. He requested members from the opposition parties whether they too would participate in these proceedings. Ms J Vilakazi (IFP, Kwazulu- Natal) indicated her intention to participate in the discussions on social services.

The meeting was adjourned.


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