Third Term Programme: discussion and adoption

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20 June 2006

Rev P Moatshe (ANC, North West)

Documents handed out:
Minutes of proceedings, Tuesday 13 June 2006
Draft Provisional Programme of the Select Committee on Land and Environmental Affairs
Proposed Select
Committee on Public Services Programme for the Third Term
[Available shortly on Committee Reports once adopted by the Committee]

The Committee discussed its programme for the next term of Parliament’s 2006 session. After deliberations the
programme was adopted. Because the Select Committee on Land and Environmental Affairs and the Select Committee on Public Services shared the same Members, it was decided that the two Committees’ programmes would be merged to avoid clashes.

Draft programme for the next term: discussion and adoption

The Chairperson explained that the main agenda of the meeting was to discuss and adopt the Committee’s third term programme.
Minutes of proceedings: consideration and adoption

The minutes of the last meetings were corrected before being adopted by the Committee as they contained a few typing and grammatical errors.

Some of the Members were not sure if they would be back on the 1st of August; hence they asked if the programme for the next term could start on the 2nd of August instead. However other Members rejected this request. 

Mr L J Van Rooyen (ANC, Free State) urged the Committee to be aware that the programme was designed on a weekly basis and therefore all the events must be arranged on a weekly basis as well, at least for the first three weeks.

Mr R J Tau (ANC, Northern Cape) expressed his concern about the irrelevant and unimportant issues that the Committee sometimes engaged in. He asked the Committee to start prioritising their duties. He admitted that there is a lot of work to be covered and a lot of entities that needed the attention of the Committee. But not all of them can be covered because some of them did not even fit in the mandate of the National Council of Provinces.

The niche of the NCOP is local government; hence the Committee must concentrate on entities that are relevant to helping poor people. This means the entities that are not relevant to these people are not important to the Select Committee and they should not be given attention.

Mr F Adams (ANC, Western Cape) stated that the problem is the Committee Controller who changes the minutes of the meetings. He said even if they decided to concentrate on some matters and leave others out, the Controller changes the plans, removes the entities the Committee had agreed on and adds the ones that she wants.

The Chair asked the Committee Secretary to invite the Controller to the Committee’s next meeting so that she can justify and explain the changes that she sometimes made to their plans. Furthermore the Committee can ask her to stop changing their plans if they had decided on them.

The first event during the oversight week would be a trip on the Sarah Baartman, a ship belonging to Marine and Coastal Management. Some Members failed to see the point of it, but Mr Adams explained the importance of this oversight visit because the government invested a lot of money in the acquisition of ships and the Committee had to see if pollution control was being maintained at high standards.

Mr Tau expressed his concern about visiting the Caltex Refinery. According to him, it would have been better if the Committee would rather visit the Sasol Refinery since it is the most troubled. The Caltex Refinery is not without any faults, but the Sasol one had had three major accidents in the last five years. The Committee decided that it would visit the Sasol Refinery, but for now the Caltex oversight visit would remain on the programme as planned.

The Committee decided that the oversight programme would start on the 31st of July, which meant that the Members were expected to be in Cape Town by 30 July. The oversight week would last from 31 July until 4 August.

The Secretary of the Select Committee on Public Services was called and she provided the Committee with the Draft Programme of Public Services for the next term. The Committee then discussed the two programmes together because the Land and Environmental Affairs Select Committee and the Public Services Select Committee had the same Members.

After 1 September, the programmes for the two Committees would be separated. It was decided that the oversight visits in the period 31 July to 4 August would still be arranged in detail by the two secretaries.

The meeting was adjourned.


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