Adoption of reports; Draft Programme for second term: discussion

Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


3 May 2006

Mr B Tolo (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Draft Second Term Programme
Southern Cape Committee report

Members discussed the possible adoption of the Free State and Southern Cape Reports. Both reports were adopted with the proposed amendments raised by Members. The programme for the Second term was briefly discussed and approved by the Committee. The Chairperson raised a concern about the time interval between provincial visits and the adoption of the respective reports. Members concurred and emphasised that reports should be drafted in a minimum of two weeks. Members were concerned about the lack of transport to schools in certain disadvantaged areas. The Committee was disturbed by the safety hazard caused by the lack of transport and recommended a follow-up meeting on the situation.

Free State report: Discussion
The Chairperson discussed the Free State Report with the Committee. He was disappointed about the extensive time period between the Provincial visit and the drafting of the report. The delay had not been in the best interests of Member’s ability to address the important issues. He stated that reports should be drafted in a minimum of two weeks.

The Chairperson, along with the Committee, made minor amendments to the draft report.

Southern Cape report: Discussion
He went on to discuss the Southern Cape Report. The shortage of staff and administrators was a problem in many schools. Teachers that taught multiple grades at in the same class at the same time should be stopped. This occurrence had been rampant in the foundation grades.

Transport was a major problem in many disadvantaged schools. Higher grades were forced to miss extra classes because transport could not be arranged later in the afternoons. This was detrimental to the students learning.

Ms H Lamoela (DA, Western Cape) asked whether classes for the higher grades were being cancelled due to the transport problem.

The Chairperson responded that classes were not cancelled but that extra classes could not be scheduled later in the afternoon.

Ms H Lamoela (DA) questioned how the Committee would deal with important issues raised in the reports. She asked whether feedback would be given to schools.

The Chairperson responded that recommendations were needed in the reports so that feedback could be provided. He noted that recommendations should be sent to the MEC so that action could be taken.

He was concerned about the relationship between the Department and the South African Teacher’s Union (SATU) in the Eastern Cape. There was a need for the Department and the stakeholders to co-operate so that development could take place.

Schedule Outline for the Second Term
The Chairperson outlined the Committee schedule for the second term. The important dates included:
10/05: Briefing on Education, strategic plan 2006/7 and budget vote 15
17/05: Meeting with South African Sport and Olympic Coordinating Committee (SASCOC)
24/05: Budget briefing and Strategic plan 2006/7
31/05: Science and Technology budget briefing, budget vote 31
07/06: Arts and Culture Budget Vote 31
14/06: Department of Education briefing on no fees school policy
21/06: Progress on school sports implementation

Ms H Lamoela (DA) raised specific concerns about the dangers that faced school children on their way to school. The transport problem had meant that school children had to cross dangerous rivers and often avoided school. She noted that the Committee should address these issues on a national level and not only in an individual province.

The Chairperson concurred with Ms Lamoela’s sentiments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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