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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


4 September 1998


Documents handed out

Executive Members Ethics Bill [B64-98] access from

Amendments approved by the Portfolio Committee

The committee met to approve the proposed amendments to the Bill. An amendment to the Bill requiring financial disclosure by all people covered in the Bill (ie including Premiers and MECs) along with various other amendments arising from the Idasa submission were presented by Prof Haysom and accepted by the committee.

The following report emanated from this meeting and appeared in the Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports , 7 September 1998:

Report of the Ad hoc Joint Committee on Executive Members' Ethics Bill on the Executive Members' Ethics Bill [B64-98] (National Assembly-sec 75), dated 4 September 1998, as follows:

The Ad hoc Joint Committee on Executive Members' Ethics Bill, having considered the subject of the Executive Members' Ethics Bill [B 64-98] (National Assembly-sec 75), referred to it, reports the Bill with amendments [B 64A-98].

The Committee further reports as follows, in terms of Rule 115(2) of the Joint Rules of Parliament:

1. On Clause 2, the NP, the IFP and the ACDP supported the following amendment:

1. On page 2, in line 21, after "must," to insert "in consultation with Parliament,".

This amendment was rejected by the Committee.

2. Clause 2, as amended by the Committee, now reads "… after consultation with Parliament. . ." The NP and the IFP abstained from voting when the amendment and the amended Clause 2 were put. The ACDP voted against the amendment and the amended Clause, for the following reasons:

(1) They believe that Cabinet Ministers should not oversee themselves, and that an amendment, reading "in consultation with Parliament", would ensure that the input of all would be considered throughout the process.

(2) The amendment agreed to, namely "after consultation with Parliament", does not guarantee that the views and inputs of Parliament would be considered.:


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