Department Strategic Plan and Budget for 2006/07

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Employment and Labour

09 March 2006
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

9 March 2006

Chairperson: Ms O R Kasienyane (ANC)

Documents handed out:


Department of Labour Strategic Plan and budget for 2006 to 2007
Department of Labour Annual Report 2004/05 [available shortly @]

The Department of Labour presented in detail their strategic plan and budget to the Committee. Members felt they had inadequate time to question the department and scrutinise the documents. It was decided that questions would be delayed until the next meeting with the Department in May.


The Director General, Dr Vanguard Mkosana, presented the Department's strategic plan to the Committee highlighting the achievements of Department and its strategy going forward. He also provided a summary breakdown of the budget.

While outlining the plans for each of the following ten strategic objectives, he also provided a progress report on achievements so far:
• Employment creation
• Skills development
• Employment equity
• Protection of vulnerable workers
• International relations
• Strengthening social protection
• Promoting sound labour relations
• Strengthening capacity of labour market institutions
• Monitor the impact of legislation
• Strengthening the Department’s institutional capacity

He laid out a road map for the department, which consisted of a strategy plan with clearly defined measurables for service delivery. The Department had developed an information technology plan (by means of a public-private partnership) as well as a human resources plan which would assist in achieving their objectives. Dr Mkosana concluded that the Strategic Plan should be used as a basis for measuring the Department’s performance over the next three years.

The Chairperson thanked the presenters. She said that the Committee needed more time to question the Department on the content of their presentation. This would be necessary if they were to fulfill their oversight role. Due to time constraints, she suggested postponing their questioning of the Department.

Mr M Mzondeki (ANC) supported the proposal saying the Committee needed more time. They had been given a lot of information they needed to engage with.

The Chairperson explained that the Committee would get chance to question the department on this report in mid May, giving them a chance to study the report.

The meeting was adjourned



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