Telkom Annual Report: presentation

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Meeting report


5 August 1998

Documents handed out:
Telkom Annual Report: access from

The Telkom Annual Report was presented by the chairperson of Telkom, Advocate D Moseneke.
Present also was the chief executive officer of Telkom, Mr S Nxasana. They were welcomed by the Minister for Post and Telecommunications, Mr J Naidoo.

In his address, Advocate Moseneke mentioned that Telkom must be accountable to and representative of the people of South Africa.

Questions by committee members:
Mr. D Mahlanga of Gauteng asked if the public phones being destroyed by the public will be protected by mechanisms devised by Telkom.
Response: Vandalism is not a serious problem but an obstacle. The introduction of phone cards is a solution to this particular problem because phones are not broken into in order to look for coins.

Northern Cape asked whether Telkom could provide better telephone communication services for the police in the rural areas especially with the upcoming elections of 1999. During the 1994 elections there was a problem with communication in the rural areas. Further would Telkom help by installing phones in those areas that are strife-torn such as Richmond .
Response: The police are being provided with radio phones so that communication is accessible.

When would Telkom have a provincial headquarters in the Northern Cape. There is no specific budget there as the budget comes from Bloemfontein.
Response: In allocating budgets they look at the needs of the whole country and not at provincial needs first. They are trying to strike a balance.

The Eastern Cape asked what progress had been made in the Ciskei and Transkei.
Response: By the end of 1999 they are committed to installing exchanges and a clear work list of villages needing installation.
Ms L Tyobeka, the Eastern Cape representative, said she was disappointed that it was evident that Telkom was focusing on men and not on women and not applying itself to affirmative action.


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