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24 August 1998
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

24 August 1998

Prof. Raider presented a paper on international crime syndicates, and how South Africa should learn from other countries which have advanced crime syndicates.

Prof. Raider's paper focused on international trends around combating organised crime. His focus was China’s Triads and Italy’s Mafia. He look at traditional organised crime, non-traditional organised crime, disorganised crime and terrorism of which the latter he said is the most difficult one . He also looked at what he called enterprise crime – characteristics of enterprise crime are: organised, economically motivated and based on re-investment.

He argued that the laws of South Africa are based on American laws which are no longer useful. He pointed out the initiatives against organised crime which were legislation, intelligence, legal action, destabilisation, legitimisation and informant protection.

Legislative action was necessary to deal with the prohibition of membership of any organised gang, enterprise-related offences, the expropriation of funds and property, the issue of taxation as well as immigration, evidence and information gathering around organised crime and the protection of individuals.

There is a need to set up agencies to deal with the seizure of houses or property where drugs are found. There should be a national institution to eradicate organised crime not dispersed individual institutions.

The committee agreed that there is a need to set up a Directorate to deal with organised crime within the Office of the Director of National Prosecutions.


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