Draft Committee Programme

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15 February 2006
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


15 February 2006

Mr R Tau (ANC Northern Cape)

Documents handed out:

Minutes of 16 November 2005 (please email
[email protected])
Draft Committee Programme – 1st Term 2006

The Chairperson in welcoming Members to the first meeting of the Committee wished that they had returned to their parliamentary duties with a lot more vigour. He predicted that after the local government elections Members would be a lot stronger. The Committee adopted the Committee Secretary’s minute of 16 November 2005, as well as the Committee’s draft programme for the first term. The Committee discussed invitations to the launch of a public works project in the North West Province as well as a Public Works Portfolio Committee strategic planning workshop. The Committee welcomed the newly appointed Committee secretary, Phumla Nyamza and Committee researcher, Mbali Ndumo.

The Chairperson said that the meeting had been called to adopt the minutes of the last meeting, to consider the committee’s programme for the first term and to adopt the Committee’s annual report. Once these technicalities were out of the way, Members would be able to continue with their duties.

The Committee Secretary pointed out that due to the time constraints it had been decided to adopt the annual report at a later stage. The Committee agreed.

Consideration of the Draft Committee Programme

Ms B Dlulane (ANC Eastern Cape) was concerned about whether the strategic planning meeting, planned for 8 March and to be held at a venue outside of Parliament, would prevent Members from attending a parliamentary workshop planned for 9 March. She questioned if Members would go to the venue and return on the same day or, if Members were required to stay over, would arrangements be made for those who needed to attend the workshop on 9 March.

The Chairperson reminded Ms Dlulane that in October or November 2005 the Committee had agreed that it needed to have a strategic planning activity to consider the Committee’s work. Members had been informed that this meeting would last only one day, from the morning to the afternoon. The Whips’ meeting would be held on the morning of the 9th.

Mr L van Rooyen (ANC Free State) noticed that briefings by the Department on its annual report and their strategic plan for the current financial year had not been slotted into the programme. The Chairperson reminded the Committee that the draft programme stretched over only one term. When the Committee returned a full programme would be considered.

The Committee adopted the draft Committee Programme

Modimo Municipality Public Works Programme Project Launch

The Chairperson said that the North West Province MEC for Public Works, Mr H Yawa had invited the Committee to the launch of the Modimo Municipality Public Works Programme Project that would be launched by the Premier on 17 February. The Secretary had tried to determine who would be available to attend the event. Most Members would be attending the event. Reverend Moatshe said that he would not be able to attend. He had not been aware of the launch and had made other plans with his constituency. The Chairperson agreed that there might have been some miscommunication, which was why Rev Moatshe only received news of the invitation that morning.

Public Works Portfolio Committee Strategic Planning Workshop

The Chairperson informed the Committee of the Portfolio Committee’s invitation to attend a strategic planning workshop to be held from 7 to 9 March. He predicted that attendance would be a problem due to other activities that had already been planned for 8 and 9 March. Those who would be available on 7 March should indicate whether they would be attending this workshop.

Mr M Mzizi (IFP Gauteng) suggested that the Committee Secretary should regularly inform Members of events that came up and should check up on members to find out whether they were available or not. It should not be taken for granted that Members would attend. He joked that after the elections some people would need some time to ‘lick their wounds’.

The Chairperson responded that he found it quite interesting that Mr Mzizi raised the wounds that might exist after the local government elections, which would after all not have any impact on the configuration of the NCOP. He would have understood the Member’s concern if he had been talking about floor crossing in provinces. Mr Mzizi responded that politics was about numbers and when one saw numbers going down one got worried.

Adoption of Committee Secretary’s Minute
The Chairperson informed the Committee that the Programme Committee had informed the Committee that it had been intended to have the National Land Transport Transition Act before Parliament by the time the NCOP went to the Northern Cape. Subsequent to that, the Committee had been informed that the National Land Transport Transition Amendment Bill would be dealt with in the next term of Parliament. The Committee would thus not be able to deal with the Bill before its visit to the Northern Cape. It would have to agree on the modalities and she asked if the Committee would call the Department for another briefing or go to the provinces immediately for briefings, negotiating mandates etc.

Reverend P Moatshe (ANC North West) thought it appropriate that the Department briefed the Committee again. This would ensure that when the Committee returned to the provinces it would be "on top of issues". The Committee agreed that this would be the best course of action.

The Committee adopted the Committee Secretary’s minute of 16 November

Appointment of Committee Secretary and Committee Researcher
The Chairperson reminded the Committee that in 2005 the Committee had experienced difficulties with the Committee Secretary as well as with the Committee’s research capacity. The Committee welcomed the newly appointed Committee Secretary, Ms Phumla Nyamza and Committee Researcher, Ms Mbali Ndumo.

The meeting was adjourned.


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