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01 February 2006
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


1 February 2006

Mr BM Komphela (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Program of the PC Sport & Recreation for First Quarter of 2006 (Amended)
Prioritised Federation for Sub-Committees Interaction on Transformation
Guidelines for Sub-Committees

The Committee’s programme for the first quarter of the year was presented, but this was subject to change due to the need for Members to return to their constituencies for the local government elections.

Four sub-committees were named to handle clusters of sports, together with the guidelines under which they were to operate.

Various invitations were discussed, including those from Swimming SA, a conference dealing with 2010 Soccer World Cup preparations and an event planned by Team Shosholoza. It was stressed that Members should make an attempt to honour these invitations, even if their other commitments prevented their full participation.

The Chairperson said that the Portfolio Committee would be preparing for many things during the year. Four big events would be held leading up to the soccer World Cup in 2010. In particular, a mini-tournament in the form of the Confederations Cup would be held in the year before the World Cup, and South Africa should also be participating in two more African Cup of Nations tournaments before the 2010 World Cup. The Committee would forward inputs to Parliament to assist with the preparations and would interact with the sports fraternity.

He said that consideration must be given to the possibility of South Africa being eliminated in the first round of the World Cup, as had happened during the cricket World Cup in 2003. Thought must be given to the succession and the preparation of the South African team. He asked how the leaders would be preparing the country for the tournament.

He commented that the current African Cup of Nations had proved to be a national disaster for South Africa. This issue would not be discussed at the current meeting, but explanations were needed. Much unfavourable comment had been received from the public, and insults had even been directed at the Minister.

Mr Khompela said that the programme distributed to the Members covered the first quarter of the year. It was flexible, as Members would be involved with preparations for the local government elections.

Mr E Lucas (IFP) observed that the A1 Grand Prix had been held successfully in Durban. He said that the staging of this event had put sanity back into sport.

Mr E Saloojee (ANC) commented that several of the Members would have commitments in their constituencies, which would impact upon the proposed programme.

The Chairperson echoed the sentiments regarding the A1 Grand Prix. He said it was a means of bringing people together.

Ms D Morobi (ANC) observed that the programme of campaigning for the local elections had already started.

Mr Khompela outlined the process that would be followed. Provincial party secretaries would request the presence of parliamentarians through the Chief Whip. He would approve these requests and inform the Committee whip who would then release the Members.

He then outlined a system of sub-committees, which would each have responsibility for a cluster of sports. It was not possible for him to deal with all matters. A list of these sub-committees and their Members had been distributed, as well as the codes assigned to each. These appointments may still be changed. Members of opposition parties could move around as they saw fit. The chairpersons of the clusters would be:

Cluster 1 – Mr E Ntshali (ANC)
Cluster 2 – Mr DM Dikgacwi (ANC)
Cluster 3 – MR TJ Louw (ANC)
Cluster 4 – Ms DM Morobi

A document had also been distributed outlining the guidelines for the operations of these sub-committees. A final document was to be distributed by 3 February.

The Chairperson said that an invitation had been received from Swimming SA to attend two events to be held in KwaZulu-Natal. The First Level event would be staged in Durban from 22 to 25 February, and the Second Level event was scheduled for Newcastle from 7 to 11 March. Messrs Mtshali, Lucas and R Bhoola (MF) were requested to spend some time at these events between their electioneering commitments.

An invitation had been received for the Boxing awards held on 27 January, but had arrived too late to be accepted.

A workshop was to be held to address issues leading up to the 2010 World Cup. It would adress issues relating to sports business and the law, and ethics. The conference was for all stakeholders and was scheduled for 24 and 25 February in Gauteng. Mr Khompela realised that this would be a difficult time, but asked Mr Salojee to lead a delegation of Gauteng-based Members, even if their commitments would allow them to only attend proceedings briefly. Prof Denver Hendricks of the Department would be in attendance, and perhaps also the Minister.

The Chairperson said that the Committee’s business plan was not yet finalised. He would appear before the budget committee. He noted that this Committee had been able to spend its budget, and in fact needed a greater allocation for 2006.

He said that correspondence would be forwarded to all Members as soon as possible. An invitation had been received from the yacht Shosholoza, which would be held after the President’s State of the Nation speech. Members would be able to attend before the celebrations planned for later that night. Mr CT Frolick (ANC) would co-ordinate. Mr Khompela stressed the need to honour invitations where possible as a matter of courtesy.

The Rugby presidential election would be held in February. The federation would extend an invitation to the Committee to attend. This would probably be at Newlands. The Committee needed to support the SA Rugby Union (SARU) structures. Adv Nokonya had been elected as President of the SA Football Association (SAFA).

Mr L Reid (ANC) commented on the standard of administration within the federations. Many people had expressed their views on this matter, and felt that the government should intervene in soccer. He felt that the Committee should support the SARU President, but that it should monitor and make timeous interventions when appropriate.
The Chairperson revealed that he had attended the African Cup of Nations, and had noticed weak leadership in the South African squad. He said that this would be discussed at an ANC policy group to be held shortly. Weak administration was impairing the on-field performances.

Mr B Dhlamini (IFP) clarified the invitation from Team Shosholoza and their sponsors. The objective of the function was to celebrate the spirit of South Africa, and to celebrate the opening of Parliament.

The Chairperson said that it was necessary to know what the purpose of the function was. It this was not made clear then it would not be possible to attend. He instructed the Committee Secretary to confirm the nature of the event.

The meeting was adjourned.


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