Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Limpopo and North West Oversight Visit Committee Reports: adoption

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26 October 2005
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


26 October 2005

Acting Chairperson: Mr Baloyi (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Public Service and Administration Portfolio Committee Report on Visits [please email]

The Committee adopted its report on an oversight visit to the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and North West provinces.

The acting Chairperson, Mr Baloyi welcomed new Members to the Committee and explained that the Chairperson was ill and would not be attending the meeting.

He stated that the Committee would consider its oversight visit report and make recommendations. The report was currently in verbatim format and needed to be put into submission format to present to Parliament.

In Limpopo, the Committee had looked at the construction of classrooms and water delivery services as provided by the municipality and hospitals. The question of Batho Pele and compliance was also investigated.

Mr B Mthembu (ANC) stated that there was a need for the Department of Education to come up with a clear plan of setting up monitoring and evaluation components at district level. He said that there had been a problem with the "paper" budget issue. For instance, school management could not make use of computers because they thought they had only R20 000, whereas on paper they actually had more. No clarity had been provided to management on how to access the money. The Department should explain the usage of "paper" money to schools so that they could make use of it timeously.

The Department of Social Development should give attention to water, security and sanitation. Security should be increased where grants were paid out to beneficiaries and the exact amount should be paid out.

Mr Mthembu mentioned that at one of the schools they had visited, there had been no furniture. It was unacceptable that some children had to sit on the floor and write on their laps.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) stated that there was an assessment panel that dealt with disability grants. There were problems with the panel and people waited the whole day only to be told that there would be no assessment. The Committee had told management to report these instances.

A forum similar to the one assessing disability grants should be established for the foster care grant.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) also stated that there should be an exit strategy for circuit inspectors. He mentioned that these people were not re-trainable and that the matter should be referred to the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA). Mr Mthembu (ANC) concurred.

Ms Mashangoane (ANC) stated that the issue of temporary educators should not be ignored.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) suggested that they should include that issue as part of the staff audit. There was a housing project that was still incomplete after five years. He mentioned that there had been an investigation into corruption-related cases. The Department of Social Development had given a very high figure of employees that had applied for amnesty. What should be done with those persons that had not requested amnesty?

Ms Mashangoane (ANC) stated that there was no understanding of how community development workers were trained and who was responsible for their training.

Mr Mthembu (ANC) mentioned that the Department of Education in the North West and Limpopo had felt that school construction should remain the responsibility of the national Department of Public Works (DPW). Members should debate this issue and recommend a review of policy.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) recommended that the DPSA should investigate the responsibilities of the two departments. The Public Service Commission (PSC) should create a capital management tool in conjunction with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Mr Sikhakhane stated that the same problem was evident in KZN. He said that all Departments of Education had failed to submit their requirements to DPW.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) stated that certain points had to be flagged. This included service level agreements and cross-cutting issues.

Mr Gcwacaza (ANC) mentioned that two issues were involved in school construction. He said that there was a need to incorporate steps to be taken in the report. There was tension around the quality of buildings and certain standards should be set that would apply to all buildings.

Mr Mthembu (ANC) suggested that the PSC should investigate the Education Trust Fund in NW.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) mentioned the Phalaborwa disputes and the impact of transfers. Security at pay points had been a problem and the health issue needed to be checked.

Mr Gcwabaza (ANC) suggested that police should be visible at pay points. There had been an absence of medical and toilet facilities as well as no transport to take people home. The inspectorate needed to be conscientised and the location of pay points should be nearer to the people.

Mr Baloyi (ANC) recommended that the NW hospital boards issue be placed on hold. On health issues, the Committee should go for follow-up visits. He mentioned that there had been a terrible shortage of doctors. The determination of who received housing allowances should also be looked at.

Mr Ntuli (ANC) talked about the flight of skills. He asked if there was no possibility of a protocol arrangement to regulate this.

Mr Mthembu (ANC) recommended that the Committee should approach the provincial Department of Education to check performance progress and to conscientise MPs from that area.

The Committee adopted its oversight visit report.

The meeting was adjourned.


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