Committee Report on Independent Complaints Directorate Budget: adoption

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13 April 2005
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

13 April 2004

Ms M Sotyu (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Committee Report on Independent Complaints Directorate budget
Committee Report on Department budget

The Committee discussed its report on the Independent Complaints Directorate budget clause by clause, identifying errors and points of disagreement. Some discussion surrounded an amendment suggested by Ms Van Wyk (ANC) allowing leeway for the Minister to initiate new programmes. The Democratic Alliance was reluctant to support the report before consulting their Party caucus. The report was adopted, with the DA abstaining from the vote.

Ms A Van Wyk (ANC) stated that the second paragraph on the fifth page should have read, "two reports …have been compiled…" as apposed to," Two targets …have been complied…"

Mr A Maziya (ANC) asked for clarity on paragraph 2, page 6 concerning the investigation of misconduct in the top management of the ICD.

The Chairperson stated that the paragraph highlighted the fact that the Committee questioned who would investigate top management with the ICD.

Ms Van Wyk suggested that the response be removed and the Committee’s concern simply remained highlighted as the other concerns raised in the report did not have any response provided either.

The Committee agreed that the paragraph containing the ICD’s response to the Committee’s concerns would be removed.

The Chairperson asked what the Committee would do about the next paragraph that also contained the ICD’s response to the Committee’s concerns about their work in rural areas. Ms Van Wyk suggested that this paragraph should be removed as well.

Mr R Jankielsohn (DA) expressed concern with the fact that too many paragraphs would be removed and the report would not be an accurate reflection of the Budget meeting.

The Committee agreed that if the responses were to remain in the report, its title should be changed to include Committee concerns and ICD responses.

Ms Van Wyk presented the Committee with an amended paragraph to be added to the report that would express the views of the Minister as regards the establishment of a new research unit. The Committee agreed that this paragraph be added to the report.

Mr Maziya suggested that perhaps it would be procedurally more correct to adopt the report as it stood and allow the Minister to make amendments at a latter stage.

The Chairperson explained that it would be incorrect for the Committee to adopt a report that might knowingly contradict the Minister’s wishes. Mr Maziya said that this would, however, be procedurally incorrect.

Ms Van Wyk suggested that copies of the amendment be made available. This would indicate that the paragraph stated that new programmes would need to be approved by the Minister. The Committee agreed the amended paragraph be added to the report.

Mr Jankielsohn requested that the sentence stating the Committee’s support of the budget be removed as he was unable to specify if his Party would support the budget.

The Committee agreed that the sentence would not be removed as the Committee had an obligation to express its views on the budget. The DA thus abstained from the vote and the report was adopted.

The meeting was adjourned.


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