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04 February 2005
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Meeting report


4 February 2005

: Mr J Cronin (ANC)

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Annual Report of the Portfolio Committee on Transport
Committee Programme
Minutes of the Proceedings 3 November 2004
Minutes of the Proceedings 10 November 2004
Minutes of the Proceedings 18 November 2004

The Committee adopted the Committee Annual Report with some amendments. Minutes of November 2004 meetings were handed out for the members to review and respond to at a later time. The Chairperson briefly outlined the programme for upcoming meetings.

The Committee reviewed the Annual Report and agreed to amend some sections. Mr SB Farrow (DA) suggested that the National Land Transport Transit Act needs to be reviewed and that the findings of the National Travel Survey should be given greater focus. The Chairperson’s Overview was amended to include these points. The committee also added that greater focus should be given to implementing rural transport strategies and promoting non-motorised forms of transport.

Mr Farrow suggested that there is a discrepancy between the visible traffic policing that exists and what is needed. The report was amended to note that the Statutory Road Management Corporation is not functioning effectively and that a prompt and thorough reassessment is required.

The section of the report dealing with Core Objectives was amended to include the role of the transport sector in addressing the challenge of HIV/AIDS.

The committee agreed that Outstanding Matters would be dealt with before the end of 2005, not the end of the current financial year.

The report was adopted with these amendments.

The minutes for 8 previous meetings were handed out to be reviewed by the members in their own time. The Chairperson then briefly outlined the programme for upcoming meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.


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