Subcommittee on Delegated Legislation

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


27 September 2000

No quorum was attained for the meeting to take place as planned.

The Chairperson, Ms Jana (ANC), elucidated the problem that the joint subcommittee was experiencing in raising a quorum as members of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) had other pressing commitments that clashed with the committee meetings. She suggested to those present that she could ask for permission for the committee to be allowed to meet while the houses were in session.

It was agreed upon by the Chair and Mr Swart (ACDP) that the committee would need somebody from Parliament's legal department to summarise the in-depth report on Delegated Legislation by Professor Hugh Corder into a more concise and manageable format for the members of the committee to discuss.
The Chairperson went on to state that she had already spoken to Advocate Meyer who had said he would find somebody to draft a summary report. It was suggested by the Chairperson that the summary report should also include examples of legislation where rules and regulations are governed by clauses contained therein.

The Chairperson proceeded to discuss dates for future committee meetings with the committee clerks. It was decided that the dates should be chosen so as to facilitate as many members attending as possible. It was also agreed that the Chairperson would apply for the committee to meet while both houses were in session. Members would be expected to notify the committee in advance if they would not be able to attend meetings.

The Chairperson stated that the summary report from the Parliamentary legal department should be circulated in advance to allow members to peruse the material before attending the meeting. The Chairperson, Ms Jana (ANC), went on to state that a problem existed in the fact that most members of this present committee also sat on the Justice Portfolio Committee that met on a regular basis leading to a clash in scheduling.

Finally the Chairperson stated that the summary report form the Parliamentary legal department would have to include proposed courses of action including a mixed option that had been tentatively discussed in a previous meeting.

Meetings were scheduled for the following dates:
4 October 2000 (9am-12pm)
10 October 2000
8 November 2000 (9am-1pm)

The Chairperson stated that an application would be made for all costs incurred by members to be covered for attending the final meeting which would take place while Parliament was in recess.

An NCOP meeting is scheduled for the following date:
1 November 2000

It was suggested that Professor Hugh Corder and other experts should be present at discussions.


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