Artwork & symbols; Closure of bar services; Phasing out of educare facilities

Joint Rules

15 September 1999
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


15 September 1999

Documents handed out:
Report on symbols
Strategic Resources Management Bar Services
Report on Artworks

Ms N Somdaka and Mr Klaasen addressed the committee on the artworks of parliament, the catering and closure of four of the bar services, the phasing out of educare facilities, as well as the issues relating to the symbols of parliament.

Ms N Somda (Manager:Institutional Support) proposed to solicit provincial submissions with regard to the following symbols, ie. Mace, Black Rod and Parliamentary Emblem. A subcommittee has been be formed to review the proposals to limit the entries.

With regard to catering, Mr Klaasen requested a price increase on meals and other resale items, because they are presently selling food at a loss. He also requested that the secretary of parliament, instead of this committee deal with future price increases. The secretary will however have to inform this committee of the reasons for the increase in price, and how it was reached. Mr Yengeni informed the committee that the ANC has no objection to this proposal.

Ms Somdaka addressed the issue of artworks in parliament, especially with regard to the conditions of the artwork, storage of the artwork, and the lack of knowledge of the artworks. The artwork prior to 1994 was taken off the walls in 1995, and replaced with art donated by United Nations. These artworks are from an exhibition entitled 'Art against Apartheid', which was donated to the nation, and not to parliament. These artworks have been replaced by the Mendelsohn Collection.

Mr Klaasen proposed to phase out the Educare facility, which has 64 children in its care, including only one Member of Parliament's (MP) child. The rest of the children were that of the staff of parliament. This educare facility has been functioning without a governing body, one principal, five teachers, one cook, and an assistant. It has been suggested to find another educare facility for the MPs child, and to take up the issue with regard to the staff's children with the Union.

The chairperson, Ms B Mbete requested all parties to explain to their members the X-ray machines are a matter of collective security, and it is not the intention to undermine them. Ms N Ntuli (DP) felt that everyone should be subjected to the X-ray searches.

Questions by committee members
Whose property is the collection of 'Art against Apartheid'?
What is being done to tighten security in parliament? Part of the Mendelsohn Collection had been stolen, as well as a diamond.

Ms Somdaka said that this collection belonged to the people of South Africa, and was therefore not part of parliament's assets.
The police have recovered the painting that was stolen. The diamond that was stolen was part of a diamond ring, but has not yet been recovered.

Appendix 1:
The Sub Committee on Symbols was constituted as per the decision of the last Rules Committee. Two meetings have since been held and the Sub Committee has agreed on the criteria as set out in the proposal. The process that was agreed to by the previous Parliament was also accepted on account of affordability and the heraldy expertise, which is not common. The staff was requested to review the time frames. Party representatives promised to take these decisions to their Caucuses for ratification.

Re: Strategic Resources Management Bar Services

Back Ground
There are seven bars at Parliament. We have three Service Bars and four main Members Bars. Pre-94 these bars were in regular use, post 94 there has been a significant drop in the use of these bars. We currently employ eleven staff members; the salaries that we pay for these areas are R591, 747.00 per annum excluding overtime and other benefits. All the bars with the exception of the Good Hope bar where opened before 1994.

Present operational system and Cost.
Good Hope Bar. - Operates from 8.00am to 5.00pm.
Staff cost to operate R107 100.00 per annum plus overtime
Total takings month income average per day
May 99 R1008.41 R48.02
June 99 R147.85 R7.04
July 99 R559.60 R25.44
August 99 R529.60 R24.07

Press Bar - operates from 12.30p.m. to ½ Hour after house adjourns
Cost to operate this bar R78 759.00 per annum plus overtime.
Total takings month income average per day
May 99 R1 153.40 R54.93
June 99 R1 113.30 R53.01
July 99 R61.70 R2.80
August 99 R864.50 R39.30

Old Assembly Main Bar- operates from 12.30pm to ½ hour after sitting.
Cost to operate this bar R78 137.50 per annum plus overtime.
Total Takings Month income Average per day
May 99 nil nil
June 99 nil nil
July 99 nil nil
August 99 R513.60 R23.46

Old Assembly Service Bar - operates from 12.30pm to 2.30pm
Cost to operate this bar R 83 923.50 per annum plus overtime.
Total Takings Monthly income Average per day
June 99 R390.25 R18.58
July 99 R154.40 R7.35
August 99 R266.80 R12.13

Marks Main Bar-operates from 12.30pm to ½ hour after sitting.
Cost to operate this bar R91 189.50 per annum plus overtime.
Total Takings Month income Average per day
May 99 R89.45 R4.25
June 99 R21 .20 R1 .01
July 99 R147.85 R6.72
August 99 R320.15 R14.55

Marks Service Bar - operates from 12.30pm to 2.30pm
Cost of operating this bar R80 452.50 plus overtime.
May 99 R364.00 R17.34
June 99 R1266.68 R60.29
July 99 R384.92 R17.50
August 99 R940.95 R41.50

New Wing Bar - operates from 12.30 pm to ½ hour after sitting
Cost of operating this bar R71 649.00 plus overtime.
Total takings Month income average per day
May 99 R167.60 R7.80
June99 R682.66 R32.51
July 99 R872.02 R39.64
August 99 R1516.26 R68.92

1. We recommend the immediate closure of
· The Press bar
· The Good-hope Bar
· Marks Service Bar
· Old Assembly Service Bar
Service to members will not be affected by the closure of these bars, as the catering section will be able to provide a service to Members from the remaining bars. The above approval will cut costs and staff could be used more effectively either in other areas of the Catering unit or where needed in Parliament.

It is imperative that the historical perspective is maintained and the remaining bars will adequately service this need.
The space could be used for much needed office space or could be used as an alternative-catering venue.
This proposal will reduce the cost of catering and will serve the needs of the Members adequately.

REPORT ON ARTWORKS 15 September 1999
The last Joint Rules Committee instructed the Secretary to supply
copies of inventory on Parliamentary artworks to all the parties.
Inventories were in accordance supplied to all parties as well as
Presiding Officers.

Curators from the South African National Gallery inspected the works and assessed the conditions of all these works. They concluded that there was no major damage of these works of art and there were no costs for restoration, etc.
On advice of the curators, these works were removed to a storage on the upper level where there is least risk to the works.

The Joint Internal Arrangements Committee resolved that the Department of Art, Science, Culture and Technology provide safe custody for the pre 1994 Parliamentary artworks. The said department has not responded to our correspondence to this end as yet, although it agrees to providing safe custody.

The following measures are being implemented to safeguard the works:
· Access to this storage is limited to the staff of the Section
Manager: Household Services.
· A burglar door has been installed at the door to this storage.
· The books stored within this room will be removed before 30 September 1999. This has been prioritised with the Library Section, which is responsible for the weeding of this material.


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