Election of chairperson

Social Development

23 August 1999
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

23 August 1999

The Committee Clerk asked for nominations, in terms of Rule 129 of the National Assembly Rules, for the position of Chairperson. Ms E Gandhi (ANC) nominated Mr E Saloojee of the ANC and was seconded by Mr M Masutha (ANC). As there were no further nominations, Mr Saloojee was duly elected as Chairperson.

The newly elected Chairperson addressed the committee and expressed his appreciation for the confidence placed in him by the committee. The Chairperson said there were quite a number of things the committee failed to complete in the first five years. The issue of a new social security system in South Africa needs to be developed. The abuse and security of children also needs to be looked into. The committee tried to get some real movement forward to create a new Child Care Act. The Chairperson furthermore said that one area of responsibility is population development, the only real involvement was the development of a policy document.

According to the Chairperson in the area in which the Committee is working the delivery of service is of utmost importance. The main idea for the next five years is to move more rapidly.

The Chairperson also introduced the new Committee Researcher, Ms Nazima Ahmed, to the committee.

Since there were no further matters to discuss the meeting was closed.


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