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Meeting report


4 April 2001

Rev P Moatshe

Documents handed out
Committee Report (to be published)

The Committee adopted the Committee Reports of the visited Provinces of Northern Cape, Free State, Northern Province, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga with the exception of KwaZulu- Natal. The Committee agreed that the previous members who visited KwaZulu- Natal would revisit the area again.

The Chair in his opening remarks noted that the Report was about land claims and restitution in the areas visited. He voiced his concern about the slowness of the process of land restitution and redistribution. He pointed out that the Committee should interact with the Department of Land to accelerate the process.

Mr Van Niekerk felt that the Report was good together with its recommendations but if Committee members do not pursue these recommendations, they would become mockery of the people in those Provinces. He also said that the Committee must interact with the Department of Land to pursue these recommendations.

Dr E A Conroy (Gauteng) mentioned some elements, which are lacking in the Report; namely, the Report does not have dates and times. He also felt that there should be close liaison between the Departments of Agriculture and Land. He also wanted to know if there is a co-ordinating committee these two Departments. He suggested that the Department of Land should look at establishing Co-ops (like Israel Kibbutz).

Mr Nyakane (Northern Province) also suggested that there should be a forum of interdepartmental co-operation for the co-ordination of the whole process. During the study tour in Doornkop (Mpumalanga) he observed that there has been lack of infrastructure, and the people are not educated about the process of land restitution and redistribution. He added that the Report of this nature need to have elements of quantification to identify problems of each areas and also have a researcher who will pick up crucial issues of the Report.

Chief M Mokoena (Northern Province) agreed that the Committee should engage the Minister about the recommendations. He pointed out that there is a need to get this to the attention of the National Assembly for debate. He suggested that the Committee should also report back to the communities they had visited.

Mr DM Kgware (Northern Cape) said that the Committee should make a call to the core leadership and invite federations (Agricultural) to be involved in the process.

Ms AM Versfeld (Western Cape) proposed that the Committee should first check with the Provinces before reporting to the communities.

The Chairperson agreed and added that the Committee should also engage Commissioners.

Mr Van Niekerk pointed out that the interim measure is to tell the role-players in the Provinces that the members of Committee have tabled the Report and also inform them what are the recommendations of the Committee.

Rev M Chhabaku (Free State) also felt that the Report should be sent to role-players and see what has been raised.

Dr EA Conroy suggested that the Committee Clerk should forward the recommendations of the Report to the Provinces, with exception of KwaZulu Natal.

The Committee adopted the Report with the exception of the one from KwaZulu Natal where there the Committee agreed that it should be revisited again.


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