Finalisation of outstanding matters

Public Accounts (SCOPA)

12 November 2002
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

12 NOVEMBER 2002

Mr F Beukman (NNP)

Documents handed out:
Draft Committee Programme 2003 (document is awaited)

The Committee dealt with issues relating to the Departments and constitutional institutions failing to meet the deadline for the submission of their annual reports. In some cases there were no explanations given on why they failed to comply with the PFMA. The Committee is required, in terms of standing parliamentary rules, to take a resolution on whether to summon the Departments to hearings for failing to adhere to the set rules.

Ms PK Mothoagae (ANC) informed the Committee that they have met as a sub-committee in preparation for the hearing on Sarafina 2 unauthorised expenditure and they have passed a resolution which has not been tabled yet. They have also met with the acting Director General for Social Development in relation to the following Bills: Disaster Management, Social Relief and Refugee's Bill. It became clear when they scrutinised the report of the Department that there were two funds established. The Director General's explanation was that it was a very complex situation, which will demand further communication between the Committee and the Department. She added that the Disaster Management Bill is with the NCOP awaiting reply from the Department. The resolution on Sarafina is not yet ready for tabling. The resolution on the hearings on Water Affairs would be ready in 2003.

The resolution on the Presidency is still pending and the one on Sport and Recreation is to be drafted. The resolution on Communications is not ready yet. Resolutions on Housing, Justice and Constitutional Development, Provincial and Local Government, Public Service and Administration Statistics South Africa Home Affairs have been tabled.

The Chairperson asked about the progress of the resolution on Parliament.

Mr B Kannemeyer (ANC) said he is ready with the report.

Mr VG Smith (ANC) informed the Committee that all 1999 outstanding resolutions should be dealt with within this year.

There was no resolution on Transport for a number of reasons, one them being that they are a year behind and it would be pointless to have a hearing in 2002. The resolution on Tourism and Environmental Affairs is outstanding because they are still awaiting the report from the Department. The Auditor General would report on Transnet scrap metals. There are nine reports which are still outstanding, and there is likely to be hearings on Defence. The SAPS resolution is about ready.

Mr Kannemeyer informed the Committee that in the previous week they had processed thirteen resolutions and the Auditor General tabled a special report on Transport on 3 October 2002.

Mr DM Gumede (ANC) said they have such a high number of reports to process. SARS and the Department of Defence were seen last year and seemingly they want to continue seeing them this year but no other Department has been seen.

The Chairperson said on 15 January they would have a discussion on that and they will look at Departments.

Mr Kannemeyer said they would discuss the hearings the following day.

Mr BZ Nair (ANC) said he agreed in principle to the hearings but they must look at why the problems are recurring. In the SETAs there has been a problem of misappropriation of funds but these are being investigated.

The Chairperson said they should consider this on 15 January 2002 and look at mechanism of how they structure their approach.

The meeting was adjourned.


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