Introductory Meeting

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

10 May 2000

Documents Handed Out:
List of Submissions

This was first meeting of the constitutional review committee since the end of the previous term in March 1999. The committee met to decide on when meetings will be scheduled, and to formulate a method to process all the submissions.

The committee was unsure as when to meet. It was thought that the committee should obtain special permission to meet during the sitting of the House. It was later suggested that the matter be referred to the Executive to determine the availability of its members, and then to the Chief Whips to try and secure a permanent time that the committee would meet. It was agreed that the committee meet on a monthly basis.

Debate centered around how the committee would weigh the importance and relevance of the submissions received. It was suggested that a two-prong process be implemented. First, that a sub-committee be created that would view all the submissions and place before the committee the submissions that are deemed relevant and important. Second, that the committee then decide which of those submissions brought forward by the sub-committee should be placed on their agenda. This method will allow the committee to decide on the issues they want to address.

The committee agreed to a multi-party processing sub-committee consisting of six members. It will consist of three members from the ANC, and three from the opposition parties. Two of the six members must represent the NCOP.

The sub-committee was requested to submit a report on which submissions should be considered and which should not for the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


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