Revenue Laws Amendment Bill

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Finance Standing Committee

24 October 2000
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

25 October 2000

Documents handed out:
- Extract from Katz Commission Report: Chapter 14 (Foreign Finance, Investment and Trade) of the first interim report; Transfer Pricing of the second interim report
National Treasury's Detailed Explanation to Section 9D
The Impact of Globalisation on Tax Policy and the Use of Tax Incentives by Tax Policy Chief Directorate: the Budget Office (National Treasury)
- Comments by Hon. Joan Fubbs on Revenue Laws Amendment Draft Bill
Comments by SARS and the National Treasury on Representations to the PCOF on the Revenue Laws Amendment Bill, 2000
Employment Income Exemption: SAACE response to questionnaire
Memorandum on Tax Amendment Bill, 2000 by Department of Trade & Industry

This meeting was not attended by PMG. The committee discussed the above-mentioned documents.


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