Committee Visit to Gauteng Report: adoption

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27 October 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

27 October 2004

Ms M Sotyu (ANC)

Document handed out:.
Committee Report on Gauteng oversight visit, particularly regarding implementation action steps of the Firearms Control Act (The Committee Clerk was due to amend this Report)

The Committee deliberated on the Committee Report of the Gauteng oversight visit. A few amendments were made to the Report, including that the Department of Public Works should prioritise the construction of a new Police Station at Ennerdale in Gauteng (timeframe not yet set). The Report was adopted with amendments.

Mr R. Jankielsohn (DA) drew the attention of the Chairperson to a letter regarding crime statistics, which he had submitted to her, but had not yet had a response. The Chairperson answered that this issue should be directed her office. Mr M Booi (ANC) and Mr D Nhlengenthwa (ANC) concurred.

The Chairperson asked if there were any amendments the Committee would like to make with respect to the Report before moving for its adoption.

Mr V. Ndlovu (IFP) commented that the Report should include that the Committee had requested the Department of Public Works to prioritise the construction of a new police station in Ennerdale. Mr Booi concurred. The clerk was asked to note this point for inclusion in the new Report.

Mr O Monareng (ANC) said that the Report did not indicate whether their set objectives had been achieved, or whether there were any outstanding problems. Mr Booi agreed that the Committee concerns were not clear enough

Mr Monareng asked that the attention of the National Police Commissioner be drawn to the dissatisfaction felt by the Committee during their visit.

Mr P. Groenewald (FFP) said that the Report did not indicate whether it was only the illegal firearms that had been destroyed by Operation Setunya, or whether the operation had included legal firearms handed over to the police by civilians. The Chairperson said that she would consult the National Police Commissioner on this issue.

Mr Jankielsohn asked if the contents of the Report were open to a debate. The Chairperson said no. She then called for the adoption of the report. Mr Booi moved the adoption of the report, and Mr Ndlovu seconded this. The report was adopted.

The meeting was adjourned.


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