Committee Researcher Report on Department Annual Report

Social Development

25 October 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


25 October 2004

: Ms T Tshivase (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Committee Researcher: Draft Summary And Analysis of Department Annual Report 2003/2004

The Committee was briefed by its researcher on issues of interest and contention on the Department Annual Report. The purpose of this address was to make Members aware of issues that might be raised when the Department formally presented their Annual Report on 27 October.

Mr Fernel Abrahams, the Committee researcher, synthesised a 14- page report that summarised and analysed the Department 2003/2004 Annual Report. He highlighted some of the issues on which the Committee would need elaboration. The Committee would also need to appraise the Department's reporting style.

He reported on the Department's social security policy and planning, grant systems and administration, welfare services transformation, development implementation support, and population and development strategies. At the bottom of each section, Mr Abrahams listed issues he thought were important for the Committee to consider when it met with the Department.

Among these issues listed, Mr Abrahams mentioned the Department's assessment of the social and economic impact of social security grants, results from the review of beneficiaries of disability grants, child-headed household social assistance, and the uniformity of policies towards provinces. He also suggested that the Committee consider the Department's poverty relief efforts, challenges in dealing with the provinces, and other policy issues.

The Chairperson invited Member comment, but said Mr Abrahams would not be able to answer questions about the Department's Annual Report. The purpose his briefing was to make Members aware of the issues that might be raised when the Department formally presented their Annual Report on 27 October.

The Committee agreed about the seriousness of several issues raised in Mr Abrahams report, such as the removal of some previous grant beneficiaries' names from the roll in the North West Province, and some corrupt Department officials. They would raise their concerns with the Department.

The meeting was adjourned!


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