Identification of Sports Events of National Importance: discussion

Sports, Arts and Culture

07 March 2000
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Meeting report


07 March 2000

Documents handed out:
List of Sport events for Discussion

Members discussed whether it was appropriate to suggest which sports are of national importance as well as which should be viewed on unpaid channels. The Chairperson asserted that it was the Committee's duty to state which sports was of national importance and then invite the public to comment. Parties will take the list of sport events to their study groups and come back with suggestions on what was of national importance for the next meeting. Hopefully by then, the committee would have received the report back from the Minister's meeting with the broadcasters.



Ms N Bhengu (Chairperson, ANC) said four members of the Committee undertook the study tour to the Eastern Cape on the weekend. Since the budget vote is being discussed, all remaining tours are postponed.

Background to Sport Events of National Importance

Ms N Bhengu said there are sporting events of national importance that are not viewed by the majority due to broadcasting rights. Members had to make suggestions as to which events fell in this category and which did not, based on what is broadcast daily. Comments from the public would also help. Thereafter the Committee can identify what it perceived as a sporting event of national importance.

Identification of Sporting Events of National Importance

Mr Z Ncinane (ANC) referred to the prepared list (see Annexure 1) of sporting events for discussion and then said boxing, the Golf World Cup, all Currie Cup rugby, and Standard Bank cricket matches should be on an unpaid television channel. Mr N Clelland (DP) questioned the wisdom of debating those sports viewed on unpaid channels and those that cannot, as the broadcasters had not given their input to the Committee. The Chairperson replied that it was the Committee's duty to state which sports is of national importance and then invite the public to comment. She said there could be no moving forward until the Committee received the Minister's report on the meetings with the relevant broadcasters in February.

Mr E Ferreira (IFP) argued that it is no use to only watch South African teams once they have reached the quarter, semi and final stages. He said that it did not make sense as a country's team may not make it to the final stages of the game. A member said it is easy for the Committee to decide but he warned that the broadcasters might disagree with some issues. The Chairperson emphasised that the Committee needed to have a stand on what should or should not be sports of national importance; irrespective of the viewpoint of the broadcasters.

Mr E Ferreira expressed concern that the most popular sport for South African women, netball, is not listed in the document. The Committee expressed the same sentiment. The Chairperson ruled that the parties study the list and come to the next meeting with their suggestions. By then the Minister's report would have been received.

Appendix 1:




The following is a prepared list of sports events for discussion in the portfolio committee on the broadcasting of sport events of national interest and is as such meant to facilitate debate on the subject.

Category 1 = International Tournaments

Summer Olympic Games.

Commonwealth Games.

World Cup:

· 2 quarter finals of;

· 1 semi-final; and

· the final of;

· the Rugby World Cup;

· the Cricket World Cup;

· the Soccer World Cup;

Category 2 = National Team Events:

A substantial number of matches involving the following teams

· the National Soccer Team;

· the National Rugby Team;

· the National Cricket Team;

Category 3 = Domestic Events:

· the Bobsave Cup Final;

· the Rothmans Cup Final;

· the Currie Cup Rugby Final;

· the Standard Bank Cricket Final;

· the Rothmans July Handicap;

· the J &B Metropolitan Handicap.

· SA Open Golf Champions;

· Comrades Marathon.

International Permit Athletics meetings in South Africa

We trust that information contained herein will be of assistance to members.



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