Committee Programme 2001


14 March 2001
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


14 March 2001

Chairperson: Mr J. Mashimbye

Documents handed out:
Committee Programme (see Appendix)

The Programme for 2001 was finalised. Its main objective was to complement the Portfolio Committee's programme. The Committee approved the programme.

Mr Mashimbye (ANC) stressed the need for having specialized sub-committees, to effectively implement various tasks. He proposed four sub-committees and nominated chairpersons for these. In regard to the Budget, he stated that nothing specific had been handed to the Portfolio Committee nor the Joint Standing Committee.

In respect of matters of oversight on Defence Intelligence, he stated that the committee would have to become more familiar with these issues.

Discussion on the Committee Programme
Advocate Schmidt (DP) made two observations: the sub-committees will not be able to convene simultaneously due to the small number of members in this committee and he looked forward to seeing the budget

Mr Mashimbye agreed that some members will be have to serve on more than one sub-committee and it was important that there is no clash between the meetings of the sub-committees. By early the following week, membership of the subcommittees should be finalized.

Mr Ndlovu (IFP) proposed that that Mr Mashimbye meet with the chairperson of the Joint Standing Committee of Intelligence in order to inform the Committee on Defence Intelligence issues.

Mr Schalkwyk (DP) stated that the committee should visit and tour South Africa's training establishments such as Defence and Army Colleges for relevant information that would be useful on tours.

Mr Mashimbye replied that he will look into the idea of being present at the commemorative date of the Defence Force to make the committee more visible on these occasions.

Ms T Modise (ANC) suggested the need for a coordinated visit with both the Joint Standing Committee on Defence and the Portfolio Committee so that sufficient time could be spent on exchanging information before embarking on the various planned tours and visits.

Mr Mashimbye highlighted a need for exposing ordinary South African citizens to the Defence Force.

Mr Ndlovu (IFP) added that there should be proper communication in a structured manner on topics that the Committee feels will touch ordinary citizens' minds and souls.

Prof. Mabeta (UDM) suggested that different committee members should be asked to give suggestions in relation to this.

The Committee adopted the programme and the meeting was adjourned.

Committee Programme 2001
Notes to the Programme:
1 The programme has taken into consideration the work that will be con ducted by the Portfolio Committee on Defence.

2. It is envisaged that Sub-Committees of the Joint Standing Committee on Defence will be adequately resourced and enable to focus on issues detail in our oversight responsibilities. The Sub-Committees should be able to conduct most of our work that cannot be carried out by the full committee

3. It is proposed that we organise ourselves into four (4) Sub-Committees namely:
a) Budget
b) Transformation (which includes Civic Education)
c) Defence Industry
d) Regional Security

4. I wish to propose the following members to chair and co-ordinate the Sub-Committee:
(a) Budget - Thandi Modise and J. Gogotya
(b) Transformation - Z kota
(c) Defence Industry - N. J. Mashimbye
(d) Regional Security - James Ngculu

All members of the Joint Standing Committee on Defence should participate in one or more sub-committee but their should remain small and manageable. They should also draw their programme of work.

5. The programme will be able to accommodate other activities that may be necessary as and when the need arises.

6. The budget discussions will be included as soon as the schedule is agreed to with other stakeholders. The budget Sub- committee will guide us on this subject.

7. Item 3 the proposed notes:

It is proposed that the committee should do the following visits and study tours:
a. Military Bases (dates will be forthcoming).
b. Southern Africa namely: Botswana Namibia and Zimbabwe.
c. United States and UK on a study tour on matters of oversight on Defence intelligence and Defence in general.
d. India and China to strengthen our relations with the view of complementing the work of Denel and Armscor



To consider and discuss the programme of the Joint Standing Committee on Defence for 2001-03-19

Wednesday 7 March 2001
Briefing on the Policy on recognition of former non - statutory force service for the provisioning of pension benefits.
Response of the South African National Defence Force leadership to the SETAI Commission report and progress report on measures taken.

Wednesday 14 March 2001
Finalisation of the programme of the Joint Standing Committee on Defence and Sub Committees.

Thursday 22 March 2001
Parliamentary Integration Oversight Committee Meeting - Pretoria

Wednesday 28 March 2001

Briefing and discussion of the State of the South African National Defence Force


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