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14 September 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

14 September 2004


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As the speakers on the Brett Kebble Awards and International Day to Commemorate the Abolition of Slavery had had to postpone their presentations, much to the Committee's dissatisfaction, the Committee briefly discussed upcoming provincial visits. Members agreed to discuss the 10 September trip to Freedom Park in Pretoria when the draft report was received from the Committee Clerk. The purpose and the details of the 11 October trip to Limpopo and Mpumalanga were discussed.

The Chairperson announced that the representatives from the Brett Kebble Art Awards were unable to attend the meeting. The Committee Clerk had learned of the cancellation one hour prior to the meeting. The Chairperson stressed that the late cancellation was unacceptable.

A spokesperson had been scheduled to brief Members on the International Day to Commemorate the Abolition of Slavery. The Department asked the representative to brief the Committee at a later date, after matters had been clarified with the Department.

Ms D Van der Walt (DA) asked for the reasoning behind why the delegate had been asked not to attend. The Chairperson replied that the Committee wanted the envoy to provide a briefing in conjunction with a representative from UNESCO. Both sides of the issue need to be heard. Additionally, the Department had been interacting with UNESCO around issues that required a response.

Mr J Ramrock, the Committee Clerk, had been preparing the draft report on the 10 September visit to Freedom Park in Pretoria. The Committee would revisit the issue when the report was received.

The Minutes from the Committee's 24 August meeting were adopted with minor technical amendments.

Ms D Van der Walt (DA) asked if this meeting would be the last for the session of Parliament, and if the Committee would return for 12 October.

The Chairperson confirmed that it was the last meeting of the session. There had been a trip to Limpopo and Mpumalanga scheduled for the week of 11 October. The days for the trip would possibly change depending on the schedule of Parliament. Members would visit either Limpopo or Mpumalanga. Members should indicate to the Committee Clerk which location they would visit. Infrastructure, programming and funding of arts and culture in the provinces would be examined. The Committee Clerk had printed out MEC documents on arts and culture for Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces for Ministers to review prior to the tour. The outing would be a conscious, deliberate mission to promote arts and culture.

The Committee would be producing an Annual Report. Each Member should keep a diary of the workings of the Committee to aid in the preparation and the verification of the upcoming Annual Report.

The meeting was adjourned.

Discussion of the provincial visits continued but the meeting was closed to the public.
Mr S Tsenoli (ANC)


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