Committee Programme for 2000

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Employment and Labour

02 February 2000
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

02 February 2000

Documents handed out:
Issues identified as priorities for 2000

Priorities for the year include a job creation conference, public hearings on the sectoral determination of farmworkers, briefings on the implementation of the Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts as well as provincial visits. The committee would meet every second Tuesday, unless urgent matters need attention.

Mr S Manie, Chairperson (ANC), noted that the position of the Director General of Labour was still vacant, but would be filled shortly.

Priorities for 2000
1) Job Creation Conference
The conference would be a continuation of the Job Summit. The content would be brought to the committee beforehand and the date is presently being discussed with the President's Office.

Prince N Zulu (IFP) stated that people from rural areas should be invited to the conference as well.

Mr R Pillary (DP) said the decisions made at the conference must result in action so as to alleviate the job crisis. The Chairperson emphasised that recommendations from the conference would be sent to the various stakeholders to act on. This would be monitored by the committee.

2) Farmworkers/ Agricultural Sector Hearings
It was decided that the committee visit farms before the public hearings so that they have a better understanding of the situation.

Mr Pillay suggested that the hearings include other stakeholders, such as health workers and teachers, as they also impact on the wellbeing of farmworkers. Mr N Middelton (IFP) added that the labour movement should also be invited to these hearings.

3) Input from Department on Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts
The Chairperson said that the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act depended on the implementation of the Employment Equity Act. A briefing was needed from the Department as to the extent of its implementation, as certain areas needed to be monitored by the committee.

Regarding the Skills Development Act, a fund had to be set up and SETAs had to be put in place in various sectors. Once again, monitoring was needed on its implementation.

4) Health and Safety Conference
This conference was decided on last year to resolve the problems of health and safety within mines. A discussion centred around whether the focus should be only on the mining sector as other sectors were also affected. No decision was made. The chairpersons of Labour and Minerals and Energy will meet to discuss details of the conference.

5) Legislation
The Department will give a briefing at a later date about the legislation which the committee would be looking at.

6) Provincial Visits
This was aimed at exercising the committee's oversight role. The committee will be divided into groups to visit the provinces. They would be responsible for drawing up a report on their findings which would be tabled in Parliament. Mr J Durand (NNP) suggested that the visits get extensive media coverage.

Dates for forthcoming meetings
For the first quarter, the committee will meet every second Tuesday at 9:00 am. The dates are:
1) 15 February 2000
2) 29 February 2000
3) 14 March 2000

The meeting adjourned.

Appendix 1:
Issues identified as priorities for 2000

Job Creation Conference

To be held in conjunction with Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry
To liaise with Presidents Office to find out whether in line with Cabinet Cluster
discussing job creation
Time frame - towards middle of the year
The focus will be on -Macro economic issues
-Rural Development
-Sectoral approach

Four objectives: -
To get a report on progress to date
To establish difficulties and obstacles that are being experienced by stakeholders and sectors
To submit report to Parliament
To make concrete recommendations to Nedlac /sectors

2. Farmworkers /Agricultural Sector
Public Hearings to be held with regard to the sectoral determination
Department, farmworkers and farmers'organisations to participate in process

Objective: -
To submit report to Parliament and a recommendation to the Department

* Is there a need to visit farms? If yes, need to identify farms.
Before or after Public Hearings?

3.Input from Department on Skills Development and Employment Equity

Employment Equity Act
Objectives: -
To get brief on progress w.r.t. implementation
To establish role of Committee in accelerating monitoring and implementation of the act

Skills Development Act
Objectives: -
to get input from Department on what progress has been made w.r.t
Skills Development Fund
The role of the Committee in ensuring that deadlines and targets are met
Proposed action on the part of the Department

*Whether the Committee would like to meet with certain employers to establish what difficulties and obstacles they face as well as to learn from good successful practices.

4.Health and Safety Conference
To be hosted jointly by Portfolio Committee on Minerals and Energy and Labour
focus on Health and Safety in the mines.
Representative bodies e.g. organized business and labour to share plans for future
Representatives to come up with proposals to resolve problems

Objectives: -
identify the difficulties and reasons that give rise to ongoing problems
Committee to submit report to Parliament at end of conference

5. Legislation
Department to give a briefing on the legislation proposed for the term and year
Important to touch on broad content of the legislation
Also to give a background of the desire for the legislation

6. Provincial Visits
Visit to provincial offices and labour centres

Objectives: -
to identify the practical and administrative problems experienced when interacting with the public
Committee to submit a report to Parliament at end of visits

NB: Committee meetings to be held every second week on Tuesdays from 9HOO -11H00.

Proposed by

Salie Manie
Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Labour


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