Minerals & Energy 2000 Budget: briefing

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Mineral Resources and Energy

23 February 2000
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

23 February 2000

Documents handed out:
- Mineral Development Achievements During 1999
- Department of Minerals and Energy Chief Directorate: Management Services: Presentation on the Departmental Integrated Implementation
- Programme and 2000/2001 Financial Year Budget
(email info@pmg.org.za if these documents are needed)

Mr Bakker, Mr Mokeona, Mr Mnguni and Dr Bredell from the Department of Minerals and Energy, briefed the committee on the Departments goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. Mr Bredell assured the chairperson of an increase in the personal expenditure of the budget.

Prof Mohamed enquired what had happened to the equipment in the plants that closed down, as this formed part of AEC finances. Was AEC reimbursed for the lasers and other equipment?

Dr Bredell informed the committee that parts of AEC has been decommissioned, some of the equipment has been sold to China, while the other equipment is still on site and has to be removed before it can be sold to the market or industry.
They informed the committee that provisions has been made in the committee program, to visit the mines together with the Chamber of Mines.

Mr Ramodike (UDM) asked whether the funds that were not utilized, are carried over to the next financial year, as there is no indication of a nil balance for the previous financial year.

Mr Louw (ANC) noted a decline in the 2000/2001 budget for the Department of Minerals and Energy. Why did they not allocate more funding for the 'Promotion of Mine Safety and Health', since there has been an increase in the amount of mining accidents.

Dr Bredell said that the Department has not brought a comprehensive copy of the budget with to this meeting, but will present it at a later stage. Since 1998, the state has clamped down on the carrying over of funds, but this could be allowed only in highly acceptable circumstances.

Mr Bakker explained to this committee that great disparities exist between the various Provinces. Example, the Western Cape region has few open cast mines, and therefore there will be less mine safety promotion in that area. The decline in the expenditure budget is mainly attributed to equipment. He added that the Department intends moving its focus away from mining, and more on minerals other than gold, PGM, and diamonds. The Department will be looking at new technologies and ways that South Africa can position themselves as leaders in technologies. Dr Bredell concluded by stating that they will continue to cover the issue of HIV/AIDS in the mining industry.


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