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Mineral Resources and Energy

25 August 1999
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

25 August 1999


Documents handed out:
Draft Programme for 23 August -24 September 1999.
Information File


The committee programme for this term starts on 25 August 1999, and ends on the 21 September 1999. This programme consists mostly of workshops, which are aimed at orientating committee members in order to prepare them for constructive discussion next term.


The Chairperson Mr D Nkosi opened the meeting by asking committee members to introduce themselves. He introduced the committee programme for this term, which begins on 25 August 1999, and ends on the 21 September 1999. At the last meeting on 21 September 1999, committee members will be given a proposed programme for the next term. The chairperson said the aim of this meeting, is to agree on what to do at the next meeting.

On the 2 September 1999, there will be a briefing by the Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs Ms Mlambo-Ngcuka, and her deputy Ms S Shabangu, on their plans for the next 5 years. This is the soonest convenient date for the Minister's briefing, as there are no sittings of parliament on that day.

Mr Nkosi urged all party members to consider the legislation on the nuclear bills, before the briefing on the 6 September, by the Department of Mineral and Energy (DME). On the 6th and 7th September1999, the committee will deal in detail with the reintroduction of the Nuclear Energy Bill, and the National Nuclear Regulator Bill. The committee has already engaged in public hearings, but has not completed processing this legislation before the June elections. The chairperson added that more pieces of legislation might come before this committee, and the programme will accommodate this.

The 13 -15 September 1999, the Mineral and Energy Educational Training Institute (MEETI) will be having workshops on Minerals. A Video will be played on the 13 September 1999, which will reintroduce the issues regarding these Bills, and will in turn facilitate discussion on environment and mining issues. On the 20 and 21 September 1999, MEETI will be presenting workshops on energy, which will deal with the policy on energy.

Mr Nkosi emphasised the importance of the committee members to consult with researchers regarding the bills, so that they can be better informed on the Bills. He said that this term is being used as an orientation programme, to enable members to formulate an informed and constructive input for the following term. He added that next term's programme will also address key issues regarding small-scale mining.

Questions by committee members:

Chairperson Mr D Nkosi invited the Committee members to ask questions.

Mr M Zondi (IFP) asked about the effect, which the sale of gold in Britain will have on South Africa's mining industry.

Mr F Mahomed (ANC) wanted to know whether there had been any new presentations on the two Bills since the Committee's last meeting.

Mr J Nash (ANC) questioned whether the Gas Bill was not also due to come. An ANC Committee member complained that after the White Paper was finalised, the members were promised that legislation would flow but now there were no Bills flowing.

Mr E Lucas (IFP) suggested that the issue of fuel must be included on the agenda for the Committee's meeting on the 20 of September.

Lastly, Mr G Oliphant (ANC) requested that the Ministers briefing on the 2 September 1999 include the mining crisis, as well as the issue on the status quo of Moss Gas.

Chairperson Mr D Nkosi answered and commented on the questions all at once. He said that when the Minister makes his presentation, the Committee will ask him on what legislation is there and when is it coming. He said that includes the Gas Bill. On the question of whether the presentations were new, the chairperson said that those presentations were made to the Committee and therefore, they were not new. He informed the members that anything new had been kept aside. He commented that the subject of fuel pricing is an involved one. He however promised that in the workshop this matter would be looked at.

There were no further questions, and the chairperson adjourned the meeting.



Portfolio Committee on Minerals and Energy
(National Assembly)

Wednesday, 25 Aug. Committee Programme V475 09:30-11:30

Thursday, 2 Sep. Briefing by Ministry on V475 14:00-16:30

Policy Implementation



Monday, 6 Sep. DME briefing on Nuclear Bills V475 11:00-13:00

Tuesday, 7 Sep. DME briefing on Nuclear Bills V227 Whole Day

Monday, 13 Sep. MEETI Workshop (Minerals) V454 10:30-17:00

Tuesday, 14 Sep. MEETI Workshop (Minerals) V227 09:00-17:00

Wednesday, 15 Sep. MEETI Workshop (Minerals) V454 09:00-12:30

Monday, 20 Sep. MEETI Workshop (Energy) V454 10:30-17:00

Tuesday, 21 Sep. MEETI Workshop (Energy) V475 09:00-17:00


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