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22 June 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

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22 June 2004

: Ms E Thabethe (ANC)

The Adhoc Committee met to discuss the draft programme for the rest of the year. The Committee had decided to be more flexible when it comes to implementing the programme.

The Chairperson noted the Draft Programme for 2004:
3 - 5 August - visit to Air pollution hotspots : Durban South, Secunda, Boipatong, Sasolburg, Milnerton
10 - 11 August - Strategic planning workshop
13 August - Visit to MCM
17 August - Dept Briefing on AQM Bill
24 August - Further discussions on AQM 31 August - Further discussions on AQM
7 September - Dept briefing on Protected Areas Amendment Bill
14 September Formal deliberations on Protected Areas Amendment Bill
5 October - Briefing by MCM on new allocations policy
6 October - Meeting with SA Tourism to discuss transformation
7 October - Dept Briefing on National Action Plan for Combating Desertification
12 October - Update on EPWP and poverty relief
19 October - Briefing on draft waste management bills
26 October - Joint briefing by DME and DEAT on state of asbestos in SA
2 November - briefing on implementation of Cartagena Protocol

Mr. Morgan wanted to know if it would have been possible not to include the visit to hotspots during the caucus week.

The Chairperson responded that this is the matter that they would need to look at. She also suggested that for oversight visits, they needed to have two groups that would visit those identified areas. "We need a balanced team when visiting the areas". She told the Members to provide Olivia with details about where they would want to go. She suggested that the opposition parties in the Committee would need to decide on the people they would want to send.

The Chairperson also told the meeting that the Adhoc Committees are coming to an end and the process of electing chairpersons for the Portfolio Committees will have to be done again.

Ms Ntuli (ANC) commended the Chairperson for having the draft programme. She however argued that it was too early to amend and suggested that the Committee must just ensure flexibility to accommodate other things that may come up later.

The Chairperson also explained that parties would need to resubmit the list of the Members deployed in Committees.

Mr. Greyling (ID) endorsed the draft programme and further stated that the Adhoc Committee on Agriculture is going to review the GMO Act and suggested that they needed to realign their discussions with Agriculture's programme. He went on to suggest that the discussions on UNCCD would need to include NGO focal points and to listen to what they have to say. He also raised some concern that the fishing policy discussion would not be enough for one day because there are different policies for each fishery. He also noted that there is a need for stakeholder meetings.

Mr. Langa (ANC) strongly felt that there was a need to look at the issue of biotechnology generally. He suggested that the Strategic Planning Discussions is an opportune time to look into the matter so that South Africa is in a position to take informed decisions.

Ms Chalmers (ANC) also indicated that the Botanical Institute would like to address the Committee and suggested finding time to accommodate them.

The Chairperson suggested scheduling the meeting at the Botanical Institute in order to visit the site.

Mr. Morgan suggested that the Committee would need to visit some EPWP projects that are nearby. He also suggested inviting SANParks to get a briefing from them and to discuss their budget and ask questions about the Transfrontier Park.

Ms Chalmers further indicated that the issue of concession is a matter that would need discussion. "We need to find out how this is working".

Mr. Greyling suggested getting the briefing on international conventions and negotiating South Africa's positions.

The Chairperson also suggested getting a full briefing on the Domestic Tourism Marketing Strategy.

Mr. Langa suggested inviting the media so that South Africa can see that parliamentarians are playing a role. He also raised some concerns that not all South Africans are benefiting from the beauty of their country and asked what they needed to do. He suggested that the Committee must deal with this matter.

The Chairperson told the meeting that DEAT will be key to the issue Mr. Langa raised. She further mentioned that the briefings with MCM and other bodies will be ongoing.

Ms Ntuli suggested that they needed to get the legacy report and that it be circulated to members.

The meeting adjourned.


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