Committee Strategic Plan

Public Works and Infrastructure

03 May 2023
Chairperson: Ms N Ntongobwana (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


Tabled Committee Reports

The Committee support staff took the Committee through its internal strategic plan.

Members commended the support staff on the work they did in putting together the strategic plan and in supporting the work of the Committee.

Members raised concerns over the Minister not attending their meetings. They added that he needed to attend their meetings to enable them to carry out their oversight mandate and hold him accountable.

Members also raised concerns over the functioning of the Property Management Trading Entity (PMTE). They also added that they needed to be briefed on the Public Works Bill.

The Members were advised that they needed to meet with the Minister, wherein he would present the Department’s organogram and how the Trading Entity functions. The Minister would also give them reports on the Public Works Bill. 

Meeting report

The Chairperson opened the meeting, welcoming everyone, especially the new Members to the Committee. She acknowledged the apologies submitted by those absent.

Portfolio Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure Strategic Plan

Mr Shuaib Denyssen, Committee Content Advisor,  ook the Committee through the document. He said the strategic plan was redrafted based on strategic meetings and strategic workshops. The plan was aligned with that of the Parliament. The Committee functioned as an oversight over the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure.

The Content Advisor went through the mission, vision and values of the National Assembly that drove the Committee. The Committee was then taken through the strategic outcomes put forward by the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, which were to guide the Committee’s work. The Committee was also informed of the challenges that emerged as it carried out its oversight mandate over the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure. The strategic plan also raised the issue of the non-effectiveness of the Property Management Trading Entity (PMTE).

The Committee was taken through its mandate, vision, objectives and areas of focus under the strategic plan. The key objectives stated were the creation of jobs, operationalisation of PMTE, operationalisation of governance, risk and compliance, a policy review to culminate in the Public Works Bill being tabled in Parliament and a renewed programme of action. The Members were then taken through their key oversight areas over the period.

The Members were also taken through the issues raised during the ninth and tenth strategic meeting sessions. They included an emphasis on oversight of the prestige portfolio management of the PMTE, increased oversight of dual maintenance responsibilities, leadership deficits and keeping a check on the use of consultants.

The Members were then allowed to give their comments on the strategic plan.


Ms M Hicklin (DA) thanked the support staff members for their work. She also mentioned that the Committee had only been able to meet the Minister once, which was going to be a problem if they were going to keep the Department accountable. She also said there was an underperformance of the Property Management Trading Entity(PMTE) and that they needed to carry out their mandate.

Ms Hicklin also added that there was a lack of collaboration between the Department and its sister departments, which was evident in their last site visit to the small harbours. She also said that they needed to define the dual responsibilities in terms of maintenance for PMTE and the Department.

She also added that they needed to be provided with a clear organogram for ISA to enable them to carry out their oversight authority. They needed to set a deadline for this. She also said that legislation such as the Public Works Bill and the Council for the Built Environment (CBE) Act needed to be updated. She then said that the Minister’s Department needed a better support system.

Mr S Seitholo (DA) raised the issue of unlawful occupation of properties owned by the Department. He also said that the professionalisation of social facilitators was important.

Ms A Siwisa (EFF) said the Department seemed reluctant to achieve its mandate. She also said that the Minister needed to be held accountable. She also said they needed a meeting wherein the Minister would be present. She lamented that the Department was not implementing the recommendations made by the Committee.

Mr L Mjobo (ANC) thanked the support staff for the report and its efforts. She said the Chairperson could request the Minister attend the meeting for the Members to talk to him. She also proposed the adoption of the strategic plan.

Ms S Van Schalkwyk (ANC) said that what was presented in the report was a true representation of their discussions. She added that people needed to be employed in funded government positions. She also thanked the support staff and the Committee for the work done.

The Chairperson thanked the support team for the good work. She said that the Department needed to support its entities.


The Committee was informed that it was National Treasury’s view that the PMTE should trade on the properties of the government that were in the immovable assets. He added that they needed to get a report on the Public Works Bill, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the CBE.

The Committee was also requested to inform the Department to give its organogram. They were also informed that, in their next meeting with the Minister, they should ask him to guide the reconfiguration of the Independent Development Trust (IDT) as the preferred entity regarding the Department’s social infrastructure and maintenance of the projects. The Minister should also show the Committee what the PMTE should be when it is fully operational and give the Committee a full report on the Public Works Bill and amendments to the CIDB and the CBE.

The Committee was also reminded that it assists the Department in carrying out its mandate through its oversight authority. They were also informed that the money used to determine the category of the contractors was the money in their business account and not money in their personal account. They were also informed that this criterion was insufficient for graduating contractors from one grade to another.

The Committee was informed they needed to visit the Northern Cape harbours and other sites earmarked for development. The Committee was also informed of the suggestion that the maintenance, accommodation and rates that the PMTE pays on behalf of departments should be ring-fenced.

Ms Hicklin also added that it was important for there to be communication between the Department and the municipalities.

The Chairperson said there needed to be more awareness of Agrement SA so that more people would be aware of it.

The strategic plan report was adopted.

Committee minutes

Minutes dated 18 April 2023 were considered and adopted.


The Chairperson informed the Members that they would have the budget vote debate on 23 May 2023.

The meeting was adjourned.




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