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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

14 June 2004

Ms N Ndalane

Relevant documents
Draft programme for Committee from Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
DTI induction programme for Committee Members

The Committee discussed two documents before it. The DTI had proposed an induction tour for Members. Members suggested that certain changes be made to the committee programme. The Committee accepted the programme put before them by DTI regarding its briefings. Members also added elements they thought the Department of Foreign Affairs and Mineral and Energy Affairs should address.

The Chair explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Committee's programme and its budget. She raised the concern that as there was a clash of meetings, two Members might have to leave, and that a quorum might not be achieved.

Mr Kolweni (ANC) said that if only two Members were affected there should not be a problem and the meeting should proceed. Mr D Gamede (ANC) pointed out that five Members were needed for a quorum.

The Chair said that there were five provinces represented, which constituted a quorum and the meeting could then proceed. She then presented the Committee with the draft programme that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) had proposed. The Departments of Foreign Affairs and Minerals and Energy had not submitted any programme. They had indicated that they would be willing to address the Committee on any topics the Committee suggested.

Ms M Themba (ANC) said that dates should be put in for the issues that had already been dealt with in May and June. She suggested that the Chairpersons of the two committees, the Select Committee and portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry, meet to decide on dates for the visit to the DTI.

Mr Kolweni said that Parliament would be on recess for July and the DTI had planned the visit for the Members in this month. This might be difficult.

The Chair said that the this was a draft programme and therefore the Members can decide on dates. She also added that the tour of the DTI was supposed to happen at the end of July. She asked Ms S Naidoo from the DTI to respond.

Ms Naidoo said that her department had been informed by the Portfolio Committee of Trade and Industry that they will be available for the visit on 2 and 3 August. Members of the Select Committee could join the Portfolio Committee on this day as it planned to be a joint visit. The Chair asked if these dates were in order with Members.

Ms Themba said that she had no problem with the dates but felt that the Portfolio Committee should have informed the Chair of the Select Committee about dates. She added that since they were working as a cluster, the Chair of the present Committee meet with the Chair of the Select Committee on Public Enterprises and Telecommunication to set up a date for a joint meeting since the shared the same Members.

The Chair said that they were acting collectively and they had originally said that they would consult with each Committee to decide on a date to the DTI

Mr D Mkono (ANC) proposed that the dates be agreed on for the tour.

The Chair suggested to the Committee that the first week of August be accepted.

Mr Kolweni (ANC) agreed that the dates be accepted tentatively.

The Chair said that she would consult with the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry.

Mr Sinclair (NNP) suggested that the budget should first be examined before the programme was decided on.

The Chair said that she first wanted to check with the Members on the programme before they proceed with the budget. They did not have the strategic plan from the previous year so that the budget could be worked on. She had requested the Secretary to obtain the strategic plan.

Ms Themba (ANC) suggested that a copy of the previous year's budget be obtained so that they have some guidelines as there were issues such as provincial visits which had to be budgeted for.

Mr Gamede (ANC) asked if the Committee would be reactive and react to what the relevant departments suggested. He suggested that the Committee have its own programme and this would inform the budget.

Mr Gamede (ANC) said that this would also mean that a strategic meeting would also be needed.

MrKolweni (ANC) asked when the Committee would be briefed on the legislative programme of the DTI.

The Chair said that they would try to do it the following week.

Mr van Rooyen (ANC) said that the DTI had included a briefing n the legislative programme on the tour as well. He asked if it was necessary to have one at Parliament and one on the tour.

Ms Naidoo, from the DTI, said that the briefing that the DTI would do at Parliament would involve draft legislation for the 2004/05 year. The briefing on the tour would involve all the legislation that the DTI is involved in. She said that the programme could be amended.

Mr Mkono (ANC) said that perhaps the time on the tour should be extended as only 30 minutes had been proposed. Ms Naidoo said that the time could be extended.

The Chair said that before the recess, the briefing on the legislative programme should be done.

Mr Mkono (ANC) said that the time on the tour should rather be extended on the tour and so that the DTI would not need to come to Parliament.

The Chair asked Members if this was in order. Members agreed. She asked once again if the programme proposed by the DTI was in order.

Mr Gamede (ANC) asked for clarity about the briefing by the IDC as one had already been done the previous year.

Ms Naidoo said that the previous presentation dealt with the strategic plan and the budget. The one in the induction programme would focus on the products and services of the IDC.

Mr van Rooyen pointed out that the programme suggested an explanation be given on either Khula or the NEF. He felt that both should be done. Ms Naidoo said that this would be done.

Mr Sinclair (NNP) said he accepted the induction programme. He suggested that the time allocation on the second day be re-examined as it seemed very full. The programme of the Committee however was more difficult to accept as they needed the strategic plan first. He added that the programme only covered the DTI part of the Committee's work, the Foreign Affairs and Mineral and Energy still had to be included plus provincial visits. These however could not be decided on if they did not have the strategic plan.

The Chair replied that Members were free to add to the programme.

Mr Sinclair (NNP) said that he would like the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs to brief the Committee on the rehabilitation of the mines. He would also like the Department of Foreign Affairs to brief them on their strategy in Central Africa. International trading borders also involves links between DTI and the Department of Foreign affairs. The benefit of the work done in this area should also be explained to the Committee.

The Chair said that these points were noted and asked Members if there was anything else they wanted to add to the programme.

Mr Gamede (ANC) said that the framework was given and that they would need time to do research.

The Chair asked if there was any questions around the oversight visits.

Mr Sinclair (NNP) said that in the third and fourth quarter time had been put aside for the NCOP too visit the provinces. He asked if the whole NCOP went to a province or if certain committees only visited provinces.

The Chair said that only issues relevant to committees are dealt with.

Mr Sinclair (NNP) added that the 6 to 10 September was earmarked for oversight visits. This must be put in the programme and the provinces should highlight the issues that should be dealt with on these visits.

Rev E Adolph (ID) added that the Committee should decide what issues relevant to it would be dealt with when they visited the provinces later in the year.

Mr Mkono (ANC) proposed that the programme be adopted in principle subject to changes. All Members agreed.

The meeting was adjourned.


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