Committee Reports

Local Government (WCPP)

22 November 2022
Chairperson: Mr D America (DA)
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Meeting Summary


The Committee met to consider and adopt Committee reports and minutes. There was a brief discussion on the timeframe for additional information requested from the Department.

Meeting report

Opening comments:
The Chairperson began the meeting by greeting everyone, asking all Members to introduce themselves for record purposes, and then he read out the agenda for the meeting.

He asked if any Members on the platform wished to introduce themselves, but there were none.

There were no absentees with apology.

With that, the Chairperson reminded Members of the rules of virtual meetings and then began with the first item on the agenda for the meeting.

Committee Report on the 2021/22 Annual Report of the Department of Local Government
The report was flighted and Members were asked to deliberate on the report.

Ms M Maseko (DA), regarding the coalition framework, asked if the framework was at the stage of being proposed and activated or was it still being drafted.

Mr C Dugmore (ANC) asked that the Committee receive communication on the legal opinion on the reduction of electricity payments within 30 days of the initial meeting. He asked the Department to provide the current draft framework outlining an approach to coalition government.

The Chairperson agreed with the above questions and stressed the importance of stipulating timeframes. He asked if the end of January 2023 was a reasonable timeframe.

Mr Dugmore responded that the timeframe was too long and rather suggested 30 days from when the Department received the request from the Committee. He proposed 10 January 2023.

Ms Maseko agreed with the timeframe of end of January 2023. She said this was more reasonable and would allow the Department more time to prepare all the relevant information.

The Chairperson pointed out that the Department might not be fully staffed by 10 January 2023. He continued to stand by his proposed date.   

The Committee Secretary asked Members if they wanted the timeframe to be included in the report.

The Chairperson suggested that the timeframe be included in the resolutions section and not the report.

Ms Maseko acknowledged the amendments and proposed the report be adopted.

The Chairperson noted a seconder and then declared that the report was duly adopted.

Committee minutes
Minutes dated 26 July 2022
The Chairperson noted that the Committee had not yet received the minutes.

The Committee Secretary promised to follow up on this and distribute accordingly.  

The minutes were adopted.

Minutes dated 10 August 2022

The Chairperson noted that the Committee had not yet received the minutes.

The Committee Secretary promised to follow up on this and distribute accordingly. 

Ms Dugmore raised concern that there was a certain report requested in the meeting on this date but the Department had not yet provided it. He asked that the plan be received at least by the end of January 2023.

Ms Maseko suggested this concern be noted in the resolutions section of the minutes.

The minutes were adopted.

Minutes dated 23 August 2020

The minutes were adopted.

Minutes dated 04 November 2022.

The minutes were adopted.

Committee quarterly report

The report was considered and adopted.

Committee actions/resolutions

The Chairperson acknowledged the suggestions to include the timeframe and the concerns about the delay.

The Chairperson thanked everyone for their attendance and adjourned the meeting.



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