Chairperson election

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11 May 2004
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

Health Ad Hoc Committee
11 May 2004
Chairperson Election

This minute is an edited version of a report produced by kind courtesy of Contact Trust:

Mr V Ngculu

Documents handed out:


Mr Saazi Vuke, the Committee Secretary, asked for nominations for Chairperson and Mr L Ngculu (ANC) was unanimously voted in for another term. There were two abstentions in the voting.

Mr Ngculu expressed appreciation and had great confidence that the Committee would deliver with diligence, creativity and boldness. He then asked each Member of Parliament to introduce him/herself.

Finally, Mr. Ngculu reviewed the Committee's agenda, which included analysis and discussion of Departmental plans, a briefing by the Department of governmental institutions, and determination of a date for budget hearings by province. Members were invited to submit additional suggestions to the agenda. He announced that the Committee would meet every Tuesday.

The meeting was adjourned.


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