Postponed: Department of Science and Innovation 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan

NCOP Education and Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture

25 May 2022
Chairperson: Mr E Nchabeleng (ANC, Limpopo)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee was meant to meet with the Department of Science and Innovation on its revised 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan however the meeting could not take place as no Executive Authority was present. Members were dissatisfied that EAs scheduled other meetings when the Select Committee was meeting and asked that this be discontinued. Members felt the EA was needed to speak to the issues in the Department and respond to the questions of Members. 

Meeting report

The Committee secretary announced the apologies from the Minister, who went on an international trip. The Deputy Minister (DM) might join later as he was still currently concluding his address at the Empower Youth Workshop in Orange Farm.

The Chairperson announced that it was Ms A Maleka‘s (ANC, Mpumalanga) last meeting with the Committee as she was moving to another Committee.  He thanked her for all her outstanding work and contributions to the Committee.

The meeting agenda for the day was considered and adopted.   

Committee minutes dated 18 May 2022 were considered and adopted.

The Chairperson proposed a five-minute break while waiting for the DM.

Post the break, there was still no sign of the DM having joined.

The Chairperson emphasised the importance of having an accounting officer present for this meeting thus the meeting cannot continue.

Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) expressed disappointment that the DM would not join as he was and would answer for what was happening in the Department and respond to Members’ questions. She suggested the meeting continue. She asked that the Ministers do not schedule other meetings during the time the Select Committee meets.

The Chairperson made a final ruling to postpone the meeting as time was ticking and Members still needed to prepare for a plenary at 14h00.

The meeting was adjourned. 


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