Children’s Amendment Bill: briefing on foster care related clauses; DSD Budget: Committee Report

Social Development

11 May 2022
Chairperson: Ms N Mvana (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


Tabled Committee Reports

The meeting was postponed due to connection problems between those on the Zoom platform and those physically present at Parliament. 

Meeting report

The presentation began but due to connection problems, the speaker was largely inaudible.

After a break, the presentation resumed but the connection problems persisted.

Due to these difficulties, the Committee adjourned the meeting to deal with the foster care issues at another time.

Those physically present, remained to adopt the Committee Report on Budget Vote 19: Department of Social Development and entities for 2022/23.

Regarding the Committee programme, next week, the Committee will begin deliberating on the foster care issues. On 25 April, the Committee will look at the A and B versions of the Children’s Amendment Bill. On 1 June, the Committee will be briefed on the Fundraising Bill and on 8 June, the Committee will deliberate on the public comments on the Bill. There will also be consideration of the quarterly reports of the Department. There will be further consideration on the Fundraising Bill on 15 June. 

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