Meeting postponed: Oversight of State Security Agency

Public Accounts (SCOPA)

08 March 2022
Chairperson: Mr S Somyo (ANC) (Acting Chairperson)
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Meeting Summary

The meeting was postponed to the following week Wednesday. Members of the Committee faced loadshedding which affected their connection

Meeting report

Mr S Somyo (ANC) proposed to Members that they elect someone to chair the meeting while they wait for the Chairperson to connect. This would allow them to start dealing with the minutes of the previous meetings while they awaited the presence of the Chairperson.

M A Lees (DA) agreed and asked if there was quorum.

Mr Somyo said they did have a quorum – six Members were connected to the platform. He noted that they had a chat as well, which established that loadshedding might affect more Members if the meeting was delayed. Otherwise, another plan might have to be made. Mr Somyo noted that the six Members present were himself, Mr Lees, Mr B Hadebe (ANC), Ms B Swarts (ANC), Ms B Zibula (ANC) and Ms A Beukes (ANC).

Mr Lees then said that Mr Somyo should go ahead and act as Chairperson.

Mr Somyo, as the Chairperson, then noted Mr Lees’ written proposal that they postpone the meeting.  

Mr Hadebe said that he agreed with the proposal, but said once other Members reconnected after loadshedding, it would then affect other Members. This would have an impact on the quorum.

The Acting Chairperson said that maybe they should revert to Mr Lees’ proposal for postponement.

Mr Hadebe concurred with the initial proposal of Mr Lees – they should postpone the meeting to next week and in the meantime, this would afford Members enough time to interact and engage with the proposed plan and submit comments as per the request of the Committee. He requested that before the next meeting, if there are any inputs submitted by colleagues, these inputs must be shared with everyone so that they all know what has been incorporated in the original draft. This would avoid wasting time, so they could simply approve, reject, amend or edit these finalised proposals in the next meeting. At this stage, they have not seen other Members’ input as per this request. So, while he approved the postponement of the meeting, he asked that they follow this process of ensuring that all inputs are circulated to everyone else before the next meeting. This would allow proper interaction with the proposals and avoid having to start from scratch in the next meeting.

The Acting Chairperson confirmed they would postpone the meeting to the following week, and deal with the items intended for this meeting at the next one. He asked the Committee secretary if there was space for a meeting sometime next week.

Ms Swarts asked if they could meet on Wednesday morning next week before the meeting with the Minister of Transport. They could start at 09:00 as a Committee. Ms Swarts supported the proposal for postponement.

Ms Zibula also concurred with the proposal to postpone.

The Acting Chairperson reminded Members that they must deal with all items and circulate their own suggestions before the next meeting. These inputs must be consolidated so they can be dealt with efficiently on Wednesday.

The meeting was adjourned


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