Election of Chairperson

Finance, Economic Opportunities and Tourism (WCPP)

01 March 2022
Chairperson: Mr G Bosman (DA)
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Meeting Summary


The Committee met and elected Mr Gillion Bosman (DA) as its new Chairperson. The ANC did not participate in the nomination process as no satisfactory reasons were given for the withdrawal of the previous Chairperson. 

Meeting report

The Committee procedural officer asked Members to elect a new Committee Chairperson in accordance with Standing Rule 821. This was the first agenda item for the day and effected the ATC membership changes.

Ms N Nkondlo (ANC) asked what happened to the previous Committee Chairperson because she was nominated by the Committee. The Committee needs to be given reasons for her withdrawal.

Ms M Wenger (DA) explained the membership of the Committee had been amended, published and sent to all Members by the ATC. Ms Baartman is no longer a Member of the Committee, hence a new Chairperson has to be elected.

Ms Nkondlo stated the “ATC story” does not answer her question. Members needed to be given an explanation because Ms Baartman was the Chairperson of the Committee, not just an ordinary Member. She said it must be registered that she would not participate in the nomination as a Member of the ANC.

Mr D America (DA) said if Ms Nkondlo desires so many reasons, she should consult with Ms Baartman directly. He then nominated Mr G Bosman (DA) to be the chairperson.

Ms M Maseko (DA) supported the motion.

The newly-elected Chairperson stated the Committee would continue to ensure to put emphasis on growing the township economy, making sure jobs are created in the entire province, and supporting SMMEs in the Western Cape. He then suggested the draft Committee report should be discussed in the next Committee meeting. Members are being given chance to go through it seeing as some Members are new to the Committee.

Ms Maseko clarified she is an alternate Member so Members should not be surprised when they did not see her regularly.

Ms Nkondlo said Members should allow democracy to operate. If there were limitations, matters should be discussed. The withdrawal of the previous Chairperson should have been explained as this is a multiparty committee, not a political party committee.

The Chairperson asked Members to email him suggestions about what needs to be discussed in the next Committee meeting, and he would continue to engage the procedural officer about items to be included in the draft Committee report.

The meeting was adjourned.






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