White Paper on International Migration: briefing

Home Affairs

13 June 2000
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

14 June 2000

The Deputy Director General of Home Affairs, Mr Lambinon, was to give a presentation on the White Paper. After making introductory comments, the speaker attempted to give the floor to Dr. Ambrosini, Advisor to the Minister. The Chairperson, Mr Mokoena, refused to allow the uninvited second speaker to speak, calling this a breach in constitutional protocol. The meeting was adjourned.

The Chairperson, Mr Mokoena, began by enumerating the parts of South Africa that are most "vulnerable" to illegal immigrants: Northern Province, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Durban, Mafikeng and Gauteng.

He introduced the guest speaker, Mr Ivan Lambinon, Deputy Director General of Home Affairs, who had come to make a presentation to the Committee on White Paper on International Migration.

Mr Lambinon reminded Members that although the 1991 Aliens Control Act had undergone major amendments in 1994, it was time for a new Act. He said that this was an area in which there would always be fundamental differences of opinion between the political right and left, and that there would never be agreement here. He said that the Green Paper had gone through Parliament with all comments taken into consideration and that it was time to take this process to its final stage by getting a new Bill, with new structures, in place. He celebrated this process as an historical one with international value.

Mr Lambinon introduced Dr Ambrosini, Advisor to the Minister, as a second speaker. The Chairperson objected to Dr Ambrosini's speaking, saying this would be a breach in protocol since there had not been any formal request that the Doctor speak nor any formal invitation extended to him on behalf of the Committee. Considerable discussion of constitutional protocol ensued, but the Chairperson did not agree to allow Dr Ambrosini to speak. Members of the Democratic Party walked out. The Chairperson commented that Mr Lambinon's behaviour was tantamount to calling a meeting under false pretenses.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned.


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