(Subcommittee) NYDA Board interviews: Day 4

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

25 June 2021
Chairperson: Ms C Ndaba (ANC) & Ms M Gillion (Western Cape, ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Sub-Committee of the Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities    Part 2           Part 3

Candidate CVs: https://tinyurl.com/pd5wzf25

The Sub-Committee, formed from the National Assembly and NCOP Committees dealing with youth, interviewed nine candidates on the final day of interviews. The candidates were: Alexandria Procter; Nondumiso Zondi; Paballo Ponoane; Kutloano Rakosa; Pearl Pillay; Molebatsi Moremi; Thando Motha; Thabo Shingange; and Molaoli Sekake.

Members asked questions about their background, their knowledge of the NYDA and reasons for applying to serve on the Board; challenges facing the young men and women; how best to advocate mainstreaming youth development programmes across the public and private sector; changing the NYDA business model to make it more impactful; fundraising expertise; political interference in public service administration; and roles and responsibilities of the Board.

Members of the Sub-Committee will submit their scores to the Committee which will meet to deliberate on the scores and adopt its recommendation report.

Meeting report

Ms C Ndaba (ANC), Chairperson, conveyed condolences to families who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19. In the last couple of days, Members and the nation have learnt immensely from the young people that were interviewed by the Committee. It is a privilege to have been graced by such young bright minds of this country.

The following candidates were interviewed:
Alexandria Procter
Nondumiso Zondi
Paballo Ponoane
Kutloano Rakosa
Pearl Pillay
Molebatsi Moremi
Thando Motha
Thabo Shingange
Molaoli Sekake

Refer to audio for candidate responses.

Question 1
Ms M Gillion (Western Cape, ANC), Co-Chairperson, asked the candidates to give a summary of who they are and what they know about the NYDA as well as the reason they are interested in serving the youth of South Africa by becoming a NYDA Board member.

Question 2
Ms T Mgweba (ANC) said in all corners of this country there is a discussion about the unemployment on our youth. Apart from unemployment, what are other challenges that are facing the young men and women of this country?

Question 3
Ms Masiko (ANC) said that part of the role of the NYDA is to advocate for the mainstreaming of youth development programmes across government departments, civil society and the private sector. If appointed, how best would they fulfil this task?

Question 4
Mr L Mphithi (DA) asked if they had looked at the NYDA business model encompassing all its services offered to young people and what they would change in that model to make it more impactful. Secondly, what fundraising expertise would they bring to the Board both nationally and internationally to circumvent the NYDA funding shortage?

Question 5
Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) asked, if appointed, what they would do to ensure the NYDA Board works to eradicate mental illness amongst young people in institutions of higher learning.

Question 6
Ms N Ndongeni (Eastern Cape, ANC) said that the National Development Plan (NDP) highlighted a need to address political interference in the administration of the public service which sometimes causes instability. In their opinion, what causes political interference in the administration and how can these causes be eliminated? She asked for practical examples. She also asked about the roles and responsibilities of the NYDA Board.

The Chairperson announced that Members would need to submit their scores before the next meeting where they would deliberate and adopt a Committee report on Board recommendations. She thanked the Members, support staff and the candidates who participated in this process.

The meeting was adjourned.



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