Committee Report on Draft Minimum Service Delivery Standards: National Road Traffic Act

NCOP Transport, Public Service and Administration, Public Works and Infrastructure

15 June 2021
Chairperson: Mr M Mmoiemang (ANC, Northern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

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Tabled Committee Reports

09 Jun 2021

Draft Minimum Service Delivery Standards in terms of section 75(6) of National Road Traffic Act

The Committee met virtually to consider and adopt its report on the minimum service delivery standards in terms of the section 75 (6) of the National Road Traffic Act. The report was supported unanimously by the provinces present

Meeting report

There were two apologies from Mr J Londt (DA, Western Cape) and Ms M Mamaregane (ANC, Limpopo).

The Chairperson expressed gratitude to the Select Committee of Trade for allowing the Committee to complete its unfinished business at the end of the meeting. The previous week, the Committee was briefed by the Department of Transport on the minimum standards, and it was agreed that the Committee would find a slot to adopt the Committee report thereon.

Report of the' Select Committee on Transport, Public Service and Administration, Public Works and Infrastructure on the Draft Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) in terms of section 75(6) of National Road Traffic Act (Act No 93 of 1996)

The Committee Secretary reminded Members that the report will be governed by rule 115 (2) which states that when a question which did not fall under s75 of the Constitution is to be decided, Committee Members representing at least five provinces, or at least six provinces in the case of a constitutional amendment, must be present and the question is decided by supporting votes of five provinces, or six provinces in case of a constitutional amendment. He further explained that the report will be adopted per province as opposed to the individual Member.

Mr T Brauteseth (DA, KZN) recommended that when the Committee suggests inputs, there should be a    timeline unless rejected by the Department as the inputs are all valid.

The Chairperson agreed with Mr Brauteseth.

Ms L Moshodi (ANC, Free State) agreed with the contents of the report.

Mr M Dangor (ANC, Gauteng) agreed with the report.

Mr M Rayi (ANC, Eastern Cape) supported the adoption of the report.

Mr Brauteseth agreed with the report.

Ms S Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) supported the report.

Ms B Mathevula (EFF, Limpopo) was lost on the platform.

Mr M Mmoiemang (ANC, Northern Cape) agreed with the report.

The Secretary said the report was supported by five provinces and therefore adopted.

Mr Rayi corrected the Secretary that it is six provinces that supported the report and not five.

Committee minutes

The Committee adopted its minutes of 26 May 2021

The Chairperson asked the Secretary about the status of oversight management.

The Secretary said it is a work in progress – the Committee is waiting for the Department to meet the requests.

Mr Rayi suggested this be discussed at the next meeting so that the Members could get the details on the oversight visits. A joint management briefing from the staff would be recommended before the date.

The Chairperson again expressed gratitude to Mr Rayi for the opportunity to host the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.



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