NYDA Board: short-listing for interviews

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

26 May 2021
Chairperson: Ms C Ndaba (ANC); Ms M Gillion (ANC; Western Cape)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Sub-Committee of Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities and Select Committee on Health and Social Services on Filling of Vacancies in the NYDA 

Candidate CVs: https://tinyurl.com/pd5wzf25

The Subcommittee met to complete the shortlisting of candidates for interviews for the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Board. Each Member nominated 20 candidates and those candidates who received more nominations then formed part of the 40 candidates that would be shortlisted. The Committee ensured that it adhered to its selection criteria of geographical spread, race, gender, persons living with disabilities, age, qualifications and ethnicity. The shortlisted candidates for interviewing were:

Busisiwe Cathrine Seabe
Molaoli Sekake
Paballo Ponoane
Adv Thando Sibongiseni Gumede
Sunshine Minenhle Myende
Avela Mjajubana
Kutloano Esau Rakosa
Lukhona Afika Mnguni
Pearl Pillay
Anthony Tolika Sibiya
Karabo Mosepja Mohale
Moshe Terence Madiba
Alexandria Syrah Procter
Thabo Shingange
Magkatla Johanna Thepa
Nomcebo Nkosi
Nompumelelo Mpatha
Kristal Catherine Duncan-Williams
Mihlali Pedro Mzileni
Lebogang Mulaisi
Ngawethu Z Ka-Siphiwo
Samantha Beynon
Asanda Luwaca
Naledi Maponopono
Courtney Edwards
Siyabonga Magadla
Thulisa Ndlela
Pretty N Mzobe
Ginah Makgoba
Lerato Simon Gambu
Molebatsi Daniel Moremi
Marquin Enrico Smith
Zanele Mabaso
Micarlo Malan
Hlathikazi Melony Beni
Amukelani Makhubule
Shaeera Kalla
Nondumiso Zondi
Thando Dominic Motha
Rekgotsofetse Chikane

Their CVs would be sent to Parliament Human Resources for verification of qualifications and to the State Security Agency for screening.

Meeting report

Ms C Ndaba (ANC), Co-Chairperson, indicated that Members would be given an opportunity to make their nominations by numbers instead of the names and the staff would then consolidate these.

Members’ nomination of candidates

Ms F Masiko (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 827, 607, 1067, 695, 335, 257, 1091, 572, 1092, 1110, 912, 837, 645, 654, 339, 481, 735, 951, 988, and 965

Ms B Maluleke (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 695, 481, 912, 572, 827, 437, 339, 473, 787, 1067, 654, 1114, 252, 920, 1092, 921, 1065, 1066, 965 and 577

Ms B Mathevula (EFF) nominated the following candidates: 339, 994, 252, 1089, 1110, 572, 988, 17, 607, 1117, 1112, 921, 827, 1067, 965, 34, 951, 1099, 609, 1067, and 481

Mr M Bara (DA, Gauteng) nominated the following candidates: 1087, 631, 654, 481, 787, 921, 912, 1066, 938, 578, 742, 695, 1067, 607, 527, 645, 837, 1091, 951, and 339

Ms T Mgweba (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 1066, 577, 831, 1114, 607, 644, 787, 473, 437, 695, 481, 827, 912, 572, 1067, 654, 1087, 335, 1092, and 1065

Mr E Nchabeleng (ANC, Limpopo) nominated the following candidates: 695, 1065, 654, 335, 1091, 1092, 572, 481, 437, 1089, 735, 339, 607, 1110, 912, 787, 920, 1067, 1114, and 921.

Mr L Mphithi (DA) nominated the following candidates: 993, 577, 654, 716, 744, 822, 840, 921, 980, 985, 993, 1040, 1052, 1064, 1092, 473, 980, 735, 645, 1020, 631 and 339

Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) nominated the following candidates: 339, 994, 252, 1089, 1110, 572, 988, 17, 607, 1117, 1112, 921, 827, 1067, 965, 34, 951, 1099, 609, 1067, and 481

Ms C Ndaba (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 607, 572, 695, 339, 951, 1067, 645, 1092, 837, 735, 994, 481, 912, 1110, 921, 252, 988, 965, 827, and 577

Ms A Maleka (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 572, 607, 695, 1067, 339, 951, 654, 645, 1092, 837, 735, 1087, 994, 269, 921, 822, 62, 578, 980, and 1110

Ms M Gillion (ANC) nominated the following candidates: 1087, 631, 1066, 938, 578, 742, 695, 607, 572, 339, 269, 654, 62, 473, 982, 921, 984, 837, 645, and 1067.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba said that the Committee would adjourn to allow the support staff to consolidate the numbers and tally them according to the numbers of nominations per candidate.

After a long recess to allow the team to consolidate the names, the Committee reconvened.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba indicated that the Committee would receive a consolidated report from the support team on the nominations. She reminded Members that the nominations must conform to the requirements. No list will be considered that does not have 50% women on it, otherwise, the list will have to be redone. There must representation of persons with disabilities. All races must also be represented. It must ensure that all provinces are represented. Otherwise, Members will have to re-nominate. It is important the Committee adhere to the criteria.

Ms Thabile Ketye, Select Committee Content Advisor, presented the consolidated list and indicated that there were 35 candidates nominated more than three times. There are 12 candidates nominated less than three times. She read out the 12 candidates:
269 – Black African male from Free State;
17 – Black African male Gauteng;
822 – Black African male from Gauteng;
1112 – Black African female from Gauteng;
920 – Black African male from KZN;
1117 – Black African female from Limpopo;
62 – Black African male from Mpumalanga;
980 – Female but did not indicate ethnicity/race and province;
742 – Black African male from Western Cape;
938 – Black African male from Western Cape;
1099 – Black African male from Western Cape;  
609 – Black African female from KZN.

These are the candidates that received less than three nominations. Out of these candidates the Committee would need to select five candidates to make it for 40.

Co-Chairperson Ms Ndaba proposed that the support team indicate how many females were on the list, whether each province was represented and which candidates that were nominated by more Members. This will assist the Committee to make a determination. The team must indicate from the 12 names if there are persons with disabilities.

She suggested that the Committee consider all four females.

Ms Maluleke agreed as the interview list had fewer females – adding those will make it 17 females.

Ms Ntlangwini noted there were more applications from males. The resolution is 50/50 but the Committee must consider that there were more applications from males than females.

Ms Ketye noted that there were actually 34 candidates that were nominated not 35. Therefore, out of the 12 nominations the Committee needs to choose six candidates. The breakdown per province of the 34 nominated candidates is: 3 Eastern Cape; 0 Free State; 11 Gauteng; 5 KZN; 1 Limpopo; 1 Mpumalanga; 2 North West; 1 Northern Cape; 10 Western Cape and one unspecified.  

Ms M Gillion (ANC), Co-Chairperson, said, looking at her records, if the Committee adds the four women it means that one will be from Limpopo, Gauteng, and KZN. Out of the 12 nominations, there is a black African male from Free State and a male from Mpumalanga. She suggested that the four women in the 12 nominations were inserted and the one male from Free State and Mpumalanga.

Ms Mgweba supported the proposal.

Ms Ntlangwini suggested that the Committee must not add nominations for the sake of adding a province and not consider the profile. Members must not overlook the criteria and the requirements needed for the NYDA board.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba said that the Committee needed more women and the provinces of Mpumalanga, Free State and Northern Cape must be included on the final list from the 12 being considered.

Mr Mphithi supported what Ms Ntlangwini said about overlooking candidates with qualifications and experience rather than meeting geographical spread. We need to find the best for the young people of this country for the betterment of young people. He was not convinced that the recommendations coming from those twelve can offer the NYDA the experience and skills required.

He proposed that the Committee should have a caucus break so the support team can put together the information correctly because there were gaps.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba said that we need women more than men and geographical spread; race or ethnicity, LGBTQI; people living with disabilities – all these criteria must be taken into account. Gauteng has 11; Western Cape has 10, while other provinces have lower numbers. We must do justice, otherwise history will judge us.

Mr Nchabeleng said that in most of these big cities, many people actually come from other provinces such as the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. We need to keep this in mind. We are looking for seven vacancies and we have nine provinces, we cannot accommodate all provinces in any case.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba said that they cannot shortlist more males than females.

Mr Bara said that when one looks at the number of applicants, it will give one a broad view of how many males and females that applied as well as the number of applications coming from different provinces. There are females on the suggested list and the Committee must be flexible in the males that are added on the list and not be necessarily hamstrung by which provinces applicants came from but rather focus on who will add value to what we are trying to achieve.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba suggested that the Committee took a short break to allow the team to pull together the list and present it.

After a break, the Committee reconvened and Members agreed that they will add the four women from the 12 nomination list, one Free State candidate and candidate 822 who has extensive board experience.

Co-Chairperson Ndaba asked the supporting team to consolidate the names agreed to.

The support team would send their CVs to Parliament Human Resources for verification of qualifications and to the State Security Agency for screening. These reports must be in before the interviews commence.

The Committee will meet again to finalise how the interviews would be scheduled. Members will be emailed the full list of 40 nominations that have been shortlisted. 

The meeting was adjourned.


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