Division of Revenue Bill: Final Mandate

Budget (WCPP)

25 May 2021
Chairperson: Ms D Baartman (DA)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Budget Committee, 25 May 2021, 09:00

Division of Revenue Bill

In a virtual meeting, the Budget Committee adopted its final mandate on the Division of Revenue Bill [B3-2021]. The Committee maintained that it did not support the Bill. The ANC registered its minority view and the FF+ indicated it did not support the budget in its entirety.

Meeting report

The Chairperson informed the Committee the purpose of the meeting was to consider and adopt the final mandate on the Division of Revenue Bill [B3-2021] and to consider and adopt Committee minutes.

The Chairperson indicated the NCOP made no amendments to the Bill at this stage.  In the negotiating mandate, the Committee resolved not to support the Bill, and now it has to either maintain this in the final mandate or change it opinion. She asked Members to indicate, by show of hands, how they felt about the final mandate.

Ms M Maseko (DA) suggested the Committee stick to its negotiating mandate and not support the Bill.

Ms W Philander (DA) supported Ms Maseko’s idea.

Mr L Mvimbi (ANC) raised the minority view.

Mr P Marais (FF+) rejected the budget totally.

The Chairperson then asked Members to move on the Committee report on the Bill.

Ms Philander moved for the adoption of the report on the Bill.

Ms Maseko seconded the motion.

The Committee report on the Bill was adopted.


No resolutions were taken by members.

Committee minutes dated 18 May 2021

The minutes were adopted.

The Committee Procedural Officer then asked Members to forward their names for the attendance of the budget workshop for logistical purposes.

The Chairperson indicated the upcoming budget workshop had been postponed to 20 and 22 July because the original set dates clashed with the by-election dates.

The meeting was adjourned.


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