Election of Chairperson


19 August 1999
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

19 August 1999


Ms Gwen Mahlangu from the African National Congress was the only candidate nominated for the Committee Chair, and was therefore appointed.


Ms Van der Merwe (African National Congress) nominated Ms Gwen Mahlangu. Ms Chalmers seconded the nomination.

Mr Xaso asked for further nominations. As there were no further nominations, he congratulated Ms Mahlangu on her election, and requested she take the Chair.

Ms Mahlangu stated she was happy that the Portfolio Committee had shown confidence in her leadership. The Chair was hard work, but as a disciplined Member of Parliament and her Party, she would try her best.

Mr Moorcroft (Democratic Party) congratulated Ms Mahlangu, and assured her that the Democratic Party would do its best to be co-operative when possible, and seek to extend the efficiency of the Portfolio Committee.

Mr Frolick (United Democratic Movement), and Mr Mfundisi (United Christian Democratic Party) echoed added their congratulations.

Ms Mahlangu noted that a group of Swedish Parliamentarians would be arriving on Tuesday the 24th. A meeting with the group had been arranged. As of yet there was no agenda. In the evening a buffet dinner was being organised by the Swedish Ambassador.

On the 30th August, a Danish Delegation was arriving, and the speaker had requested that the Portfolio Committee host a reception for the Danish delegation. A meeting would follow on the morning of the 31st.

Ms Mahlangu added that an NGO, SEED, had requested a meeting with the Portfolio Committee before the Swedish delegation arrived. Ms Mahlangu noted that she would try and set up such a meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes supplied by CONTACT

Mr Masibulele Xaso, the Portfolio Committee secretary, started the meeting. Under section 129 of the National Assembly Rules, he invited nominations for the position of Portfolio Committee Chairperson.



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