CDA Board Vacancies CDA: Committee Recommendation and Report

Social Development

13 November 2020
Chairperson: Mr M Gungubele
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Meeting Summary

Video: Portfolio Committee on Social Development

Tabled Committee Reports

The Committee met virtually to consider and adopt the Report on the filling of vacancies to the Central Drug Authority (CDA) Board. The Report was adopted without amendment.  

The Committee also briefly dealt with a matter regarding a letter that was lodged by Mr Shaun Shelly, who had applied for the vacancy but did not make it to the shortlist. In his letter, Mr Shelly complained about the process claiming there were people who were included in the process that did not apply for the vacancy.

The Chairperson refuted these allegations and stated categorically that this letter contained many inaccuracies.

The Legal Advisor advised that the letter was not an interdict and had no grounds to halt the Committee from proceeding with its work. It was just a complaint. The Committee can respond to it accordingly, if it so wished.

The Report would be forwarded to the Minister with the following 13 names recommended:

  1. Mr Devon de Koker
  2. Mr Peter Ucko
  3. Ms Elna Mathonsi
  4. Mr Thabo Morabe
  5. Ms Nyameka Mayathule-Khoza
  6. Ms Sophia Maboe
  7. Ms Rachel Motsepe
  8. Ms Nomcebo Alice Dlamini
  9. Mr Samasivan Pillay
  10. Ms Dareleen James
  11. Dr Gurunathen Kistnasamy
  12. Ms Nomathemba Kela
  13. Rev Mlahleki Sokana

Meeting report

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Social Development on the Filling of Vacancies to the Central Drug Authority (CDA) Board

The Committee Content Advisor took Members through the Report page-by-page.


Ms B Masango (DA) corrected the Report to note the interviews did not take place via Zoom.  

Ms A Abrahams (DA) asked whether consideration was given to where all candidates were based in the country.

The Chairperson said that the Report was tabled before Members for adoption.

The Content Advisor responded to say that the Committee focused on the advert which specified the criteria and the matter of provincial spread was considered. A resolution was taken that the CDA is a nationwide body and so provincial representation was not vital. The CVs that were received from candidates indicated where the candidates were based.

Ms L Arries (EFF) said that she was looking at the names in terms of equity and she felt comfortable that there was a fair representation and balance of equity and gender.

The Report was adopted.

Letter of objection

The Chairperson submitted that Members deal with the letter received from Mr Shaun Shelly who claimed in his letter that there were people who were included in the process that did not apply for the vacancy. There are inaccuracies in his letter. In the subcommittee, there was a discussion about what can be done. Members resolved to adopt the Report and seek legal advice on the matter.

Members were happy with the process of the interviews and how it was handled but accepted that there could be weaknesses.

He asked the legal advisor to comment on the matter.

Adv Nathu Mjenxane, Parliamentary Legal Advisor, said the legal status of the letter was not an interdict that would prohibit the Committee from proceeding with its work today. The Committee is not barred from doing its work. The Committee can respond to the letter accordingly.

The Chairperson said that the Committee Report can now be taken to the Minister. It is clear that the letter did not qualify stopping the process from proceeding.

The Chairperson thanked everyone present.

The meeting was adjourned.


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